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Stocking fillers for DM

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KanyesVest Fri 04-Dec-15 00:34:03

My mum will be staying with us in Christmas Eve and I want to do her a stocking too. She's incredibly good to us so we're getting her a big voucher she will love, but she'll get that later in the day when we do the main adult presents. The last couple of years I've got her PJs, slippers, dressing gown stuff which she liked but she has enough that they don't need to be replaced. She mentioned in passing very deliberately that she has enough knitwear, so a cashmere cardi is out. She could open a scarf shop. We're having dinner in her house and will be bringing wine and bubbly so don't want to double up. She has tonnes of jewellery.

I've managed to find very nice fancy chocs and a book but we have ridiculously over sized stockings so they look a bit lonely (hence the dressing gowns in years past!). Other than maybe a little birdhouse for her garden, I'm stumped. Any brilliant ideas? Tia.

Kuriusoranj Fri 04-Dec-15 00:44:12

Some of the things I always put in for mine: handbag sized diary and naice pen, book, indulgent bit of cosmetics (like some ludicrous mascara that promises 500 lashes or similar), small kitchen gadget, candle, puzzle magazine, CD.

bettythebuilder Fri 04-Dec-15 00:44:26

Something else for the garden? Some little solar lights, seeds, gardening gloves, a padded kneeler?
Scented candles or reed diffuser thingys?
Wine glass charms?
<<disclaimer, thses are all things I'd like to find in my stocking grin>>

KanyesVest Fri 04-Dec-15 00:59:41

Oh, I forgot about a handbag diary, thanks, I know she'll love that. And some nice bath stuff. Just got her some nice beeswax candles for a lot of recent babysitting so I kind of feel like we did that. She loves looking at the garden rather than doing the garden, but nice gloves might be useful when she repots her million amaryllis. Solar lights might be good too, I'll see what I can fins. Thanks both.

Wagglebees Fri 04-Dec-15 01:03:58

Does she like beauty stuff? A really nice Chanel lipstick always goes down well.

Some posh hand cream, a pen, book light, chocolate truffles, mini bottle of champagne, fluffy bed socks, lipbalm/treatment, mascara, bath things, posh shower gel, votive candle, notebook, magazine.

FrozenYogurt Fri 04-Dec-15 01:25:52

Bird feeder to watch in the garden?

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