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The cutest cuddly toy you've ever seen

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NotAnotheChinHair Thu 03-Dec-15 19:50:57

My 8YO DD loves cudly toys and definitely doesn't need another one but I'm going to get her one anyway; except it needs to be the cutest thing she's ever seen so I can have lots of brownie points. She's really into Beanie Boos. Would you kind people link me your favourite cuddly toys, not too babyish please. TIA!smile

macarooni Thu 03-Dec-15 19:52:20

Are those the things with massive eyes? If so my daughter has a husky....that's pretty cute!

NotAnotheChinHair Thu 03-Dec-15 19:53:57

Oh yeah she's got the husky. Massive fan of huskies, and wolfs...

macarooni Thu 03-Dec-15 19:58:21

Mog the cat? Nearly 9yr old son loves him

macarooni Thu 03-Dec-15 19:59:49

Pillow pet? These are probably all rubbish just trying to think what's on my kids beds....or you could go for stompeez dd has the rabbits and they are funny and cute

NotAnotheChinHair Thu 03-Dec-15 20:00:02

Mog is cute but only a little grin

wanderingwondering Thu 03-Dec-15 20:00:08

Dd likes beanie boos too but we've got her the big polar bear from ikea. I like (most of) their cuddly toys as they are so soft and floppy!
I like the jellycat ones too

NotAnotheChinHair Thu 03-Dec-15 20:24:13

Oh no I just found this when searching for polar bears:

wanderingwondering Thu 03-Dec-15 20:27:24

That is v v cute! IKEA one is only £13 though wink

weeblueberry Thu 03-Dec-15 20:31:03

Anything from Jellycat is gorgeous. We have a huuuuuuge highland cow from Jellycat that DD snuggles up with in the car. She can wrap him right round her.

weeblueberry Thu 03-Dec-15 20:33:08

This one:

MooseyMooDrapedInTinsel Thu 03-Dec-15 20:35:18

I'm a little bit in love with Tsum Tsums. I've bought kids x6 mini ones for Xmas so they can stack them.

NotAnotheChinHair Thu 03-Dec-15 21:03:12

Truffles is gorgeous!!!

scratchandsniff Thu 03-Dec-15 21:16:15

I don't think you can go wrong with the Jellycat range

Pooseyfrumpture Thu 03-Dec-15 21:25:10

Noukies are very lovely and very soft. Costco had a polar bear the size of a small house in a few weeks ago.

Mercedes519 Thu 03-Dec-15 21:27:00

DD has this one for Christmas...

Mercedes519 Thu 03-Dec-15 21:27:42

This one

omama Thu 03-Dec-15 21:38:12

Second the Jellycat suggestion. We have a huge jellycat white rabbit which is gorgeously soft.
These penguins from the white company have caught my eye this year!

Orangeanddemons Thu 03-Dec-15 21:41:10

Ooh Jellycats are the best. Dd 9 collects them. They're really soft and cute. I've just bought her the snow leopard for Christmas

Noeuf Thu 03-Dec-15 21:43:58

Look at Amazon lightening deals - just bought a large Melissa and Doug tiger for £36 for a stocking.

Floralnomad Thu 03-Dec-15 21:44:15

Sorry I can't link but we have a squishable manatee and they do a 7"moose who is gorgeous ( Squishables UK) , we also bought a rather cute Emile rat from Disney last week ,should be able to get him in the Disney store .

Ughnotagain Thu 03-Dec-15 21:50:40

I have the unicorn Beanie Boo. It's bloody adorable.

We've got baby DD one of these for Christmas, I think they're pretty cute!

greebo Thu 03-Dec-15 22:06:45

DS 10 has this, its huge as is the box it comes in The snow leopard is also gorgeous

Floralnomad Fri 04-Dec-15 00:02:12

We have that wolf ,we got it from Wildwood ,the wildlife park several years ago and it is gorgeous .

xalyssx Fri 04-Dec-15 02:35:17

this from Ikea?

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