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Christmas outfit anxiety - what colour shoes, tights etc

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Rivercam Thu 03-Dec-15 19:41:41

Does anyone else struggle with what to wear? I'm not the most naturally stylish or fashionable person, but with the help of the a Trinny and Suzanne programmes in the past, have a vague idea of what suits me.

However, I'm not very good at spotting what's in. So can you help?

What colour tights? Nude? Black? Matt? Shines? Thick?thin?

What colour shoes? I wore black for smart occasions for years, then suddenly cottoned on that nudes were in.

I've got some golden, sparkly ballerinas which I bought yo glam up trousers? Can these be worn with a dress?

Does anyone really care what others wear?

(As you can see, I'm a hopeless case!)

NeverNic Thu 03-Dec-15 20:32:54

What do you need to organise outfits for? Absolutely you can wear flats with dresses, but shorter or knee length dresses tend to work better unless you are very tall. Personally I prefer very opaque, Matt tights as a rule, though a shimmery finish works well with traditional, cocktail length dresses. I find nude tights tricky with my skin tone and a bit air hostess-y, though useful for when you're wearing pastels.

shadowfax07 Fri 04-Dec-15 02:10:47

What occasion are you having problems with? Parties, Christmas Day, Boxing Day?

OSETmum Fri 04-Dec-15 16:54:15

Always very thick, black and matt for tights! Sparkly shoes are fine. Honestly though, I think you're over thinking it, just wear what you feel nice in!

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