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Secret Santa help please!

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MissMogwi Thu 03-Dec-15 17:02:48

Secret Santa at work. Any ideas greatly appreciated! I have got a man of about 25 years old to buy for. Limit £10.

I don't know him very well but he's a bit of a comedian so something funny might be good?

Thanks very much!

MrsJamin Thu 03-Dec-15 18:03:39

Something from Firebox? I've got a £5 limit, even harder!

MissMogwi Thu 03-Dec-15 18:57:12

Brill thanks! Got him something and my DC some stocking fillers too, they have some funny stuff on there!

Thanks! thanks

MrsJamin Fri 04-Dec-15 06:59:47

Ah glad you found something!

HawkEyeTheNoo Fri 04-Dec-15 07:43:06

So someone adds a link to firebox, someone else says "great, and ive picked up some stocking fillers!"
Great thinks I, and then this.......

LibidinousTurkey Fri 04-Dec-15 09:19:58

It's rate I'm lost for words but truly, what in the name of all that is holy did I just click on?!
I desperately hope firebox will not start recommending me things based on my past "items viewed" since my eBay account has only just got over the shock of the sex table I accidentally clicked on

MrsJamin Fri 04-Dec-15 15:34:57

HawkEyeTheNoo fshock I did not mean that! My eyes! fshock

HawkEyeTheNoo Fri 04-Dec-15 16:48:37

Mrsjamin I'm afraid I don't believe you and now think you have a cupboard full of very very dodgy items grin

MissMogwi Sat 05-Dec-15 09:29:10

grin I did not see that on there! Ugh!!

<goes back to look at more weird stuff>

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