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New Year Party Tablewear?

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BrassicaBabe Wed 02-Dec-15 12:20:59

So, we're doing the NYE party for our friends this year. Likely to be 20+ adults and 10ish kids. Food wise I'm going to do curry or chilli or the like. Is there such a thing a classy disposable plates/cutlery? I don't want all the washing up or potential breakages, but want something nice. Do you have any other ideas to add a little "ponce"? grin

Asherella Wed 02-Dec-15 23:07:04

Might/might not be hosting NYE so have it planned just in case for minimal effort/max wow factor:

Black and gold colour scheme.
I have a discount shop near that stocks coloured table cloths, disposable plates etc. I'm planning black table cloth, gold plastic plates, plastic wine/champagne glasses.
Gold table confetti
I'm flexible depending on what's available and cheap
Might pick up gold chargers cheap after Christmas/ gold star flecked table runners etc., keeping eye on fabric shop bargain bin for black or gold cloth.

Over table I'm going to stick command hooks to ceiling, string up fishing line and cut huge 2016 out of cardboard (no shortage of packaging over Christmas) and wrap in gold stringy tinsel ( if I can find it, normal tinsel if not)

If I find the stringy stuff, and it's cheap enough, I'll go mad and wrap it around the edge of table, maybe wrap a hula hoop to string up around the light like a pillar of gold , put on door way etc.

I have a roll of tiny tinsel with springy stars sticking out of it that I'm going to wrap around glasses or jars with a tea light inside for mood lighting.
Thinking of having some hats/masks/party blowers/glasses/streamers in a hurricane glass for guests to help themselves. Depends on what's cheap and black/gold

I have edible gold spray and edible gold glitter in cupboard so planning to serve a chocolate cake covered in shiny ganache sprinkled with gold glitter for dessert, with sparklers of course lit at midnight.

I saw gold rimmed plastic champagne glasses last year but might try spraying plain plastic with the gold cake spray if I can't get them. Might cut out a simple stars stencil and spray plain plates jazz them up or stencil a clock face onto round plates.

I have a notion of borrowing DB's projector and having new year celebrations from around the world playing on wall but that's probably impractical.

For kids popping balloons at midnight might be fun?

Serving food on buffet table with cloth( even just paper) and plates laid out rather than off the cooker in the kitchen gives a party a very pulled together feel.

I'm sure I've seen plastic champagne coupe glasses ( the old fashioned kind not the modern flutes) but they were a bit pricy. Imagining a pyramid of glasses ....and me pouring bubbly from the top ....getting a bit carried away with myself. Better stop now blush

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