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Wasgij puzzles...

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happymummy2010 Wed 02-Dec-15 10:09:08

Can anyone explain Wasgij puzzles to me ? I understand you have to create a different picture to what is on the box, but how do you know what picture you should be making ?

Are they difficult ?

Saw them in Sainsburys yesterday and thought one might be a good present for MIL who likes normal puzzles.

Fairiesarereal Wed 02-Dec-15 13:23:24

We have a few of them. The picture is different from what's on the box but quite similar iyswim. So, for example, the people will be the same but just in a different position. There is also a 'hint sheet' inside if you get stuck. The pictures are quite funny.
I think she will like it if she likes normal puzzles, they are not that difficult grin

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