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janaus Wed 02-Dec-15 03:09:14

I did ask before, but the replies probably got lost in the thread.

I'm in Australia, Satsuma = plums?

What is the significance of Satsuma in a Xmas stocking please?

VimFuego101 Wed 02-Dec-15 03:16:02

Satsuma = similar to a clementine (tiny peelable orange thing). When I was young everyone got those in their stocking in the UK along with chocolate coins and I seem to remember getting nuts too. No idea why, maybe it's a throwback to the war when fruit was rationed?

thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 02-Dec-15 03:18:13

Satsuma is a little orange. I'd imagine the significance is from war time when a satsuma was a real treat. My parents always put one in our stockings and I always put one in my kids stockings- we call them Christmas oranges in our house!

turdfairynomore Wed 02-Dec-15 03:30:15

I used to get one in my stocking but it was referred to as "a mandarin orange"?? That's not a term I've heard in ages!?!

janaus Wed 02-Dec-15 03:45:04

Thanks, we also have the little bags of chocolate coins, aussie currency, of course, lol They are kind of traditional too

HeyMicky Wed 02-Dec-15 04:19:48

Mandarins will be the closest fruit.

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