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Advent calendars... Help!

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RamblingRedRose Tue 01-Dec-15 13:18:19

I still haven't done the advent calendars! I need to do them now.

I live abroad so they are not easy to get hold of. We cannot use the regular ones as the kids have no self-control and just eat them all. last year I got the drawer ones and just put a sweetie in the drawer the night before. It worked well but they ripped the drawers so I can't reuse them.

My mum sent me some of them sew-your-own calendars with the pockets. These are perfect except she only sent me three and I have four kids. Why, mum, why??

I had an idea of making some draw-string bags and hanging them on the Christmas tree. Just one per child. This would be better as we don't really have much wall space to hang the cloth ones. I mentioned this to mum but she seemed slightly offended. Or I could try and cobble together another pocket one out of normal fabric and write numbers on or use a combination of the pocket ones for say two kids and drawstring bags for two.

Oh, does anyone have any ideas?

InMySpareTime Tue 01-Dec-15 13:33:05

If they have no self- control and eat them all, they won't have any left for the rest of Advent. Natural justice.
Can you mend the drawers on last year's?
You could just put a sweet in a small box each every morning.

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