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Kindle Fire for Kids -Can you answer these questions pls!?

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justonemorethread Tue 01-Dec-15 09:03:57

Thank you in advance helpful people!

1) Is the internet browsing decently fast, can you access any website such as youtube etc… or do kids restrictions actually make it too restricted?
For example could my Year 4 do research on google for her homework?

2) What is the range of TV shows and apps like? On the Amazon website it all looks quite young, so perfect for maybe my younger 6yr old, but don't think my almost 9 year old is much interested in fireman sam and Dora.

3) Is it possible to get programmes from Cbeebies?

4) Can you build a library of TV shows/movies?

5) I'm assuming the range of books is very wide which is also important as we live overseas and can't readily access books.

6) Battery power fairly decent?

Thank you, I've never had any kind of Kindle so very much a novice! I'm thinking of this because we live abroad and often have to take long plane journeys, also there is a dearth of entertainment where we are, no cinema or decent tv programmes, or interactive educational trips to museums, so was hoping to bring a bit of life in to our dusty African lives!

justonemorethread Tue 01-Dec-15 09:05:17

I guess my questions mostly relate to the unlimited Fire for Kids subscription that is being offered with it, rather than the kindle itself.

And.. quick bump, of course!

NoSquirrels Tue 01-Dec-15 11:42:25

Think you might get more traffic in Chat, OP.

I had a Kindle Fire but haven' the Kids' sub. It's a good tablet for the price - mine is 2 years old and has just died, but been fine for light browsing and reading books etc. Battery life good, no problems with it.

The browser Silk is a bit annoying - there are/were some restrictions on e.g. YouTube but might be resolved in newer versions.

I like it and would buy it for kids but mine are younger so can't advise on the 9 year old!

justonemorethread Tue 01-Dec-15 11:54:17

thank you!
Maybe I will restart in chat if nobody else comes along!

LilithTheKitty Tue 01-Dec-15 11:57:59

Hi OP. Sorry I can't help but I'm adding a hopeful bump for you as I've been thinking about getting one for my DS2. If anyone knows if youtube works well on it I'd be grateful if you could let us know.

Pinkponiesrock Tue 01-Dec-15 12:21:40

We have 2 kindle fires but the kids don't really like using them, they're not spoilt brats honestly. One is 9 and the other is 5, they much prefer waiting and using my iPad despite having access to their kindles. I have on occasion gone to use them if the iPads are out of charge but they are definitely not as user friendly. Maybe it's just what we are used to but now I have 2 iPad minis on the Santa list hmmangry

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