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How is your Elf arriving?

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Towelonthedoor Mon 30-Nov-15 20:56:32

Ours is crash landing!!!!

AtSea1979 Mon 30-Nov-15 20:57:35

Oh bugger I forgot about that.
I've lost our elf, moved house and now I can't find it anywhere. Will have to go out and track one down. Hope garden centre has one.

Pinkvici22 Mon 30-Nov-15 21:10:28

Mine is on Peppa Pigs car with a letter!!!

Fresh01 Mon 30-Nov-15 21:16:16

Aaaggghhh! That's tonight.....

Need to go find him on top of a wardrobe. Love the "I'm back" message might copy that : ) Ours comes with chocolate coins to pay his rent!

Another thing to do this evening.....

00100001 Mon 30-Nov-15 21:19:53

Its not 🙅

Movingonmymind Mon 30-Nov-15 21:25:04

never even worked out what this elf ting is so certainly not doing it. bah humbug! enough of a spend/indulgence fest already. which is good. but enough is enough for us!

PresidentUnderwood Mon 30-Nov-15 21:33:34

Think it may involve fake snow and foot prints plus toilet roll. I just need DS 5, to go to bloody sleep.

Yes, he's 5 and he's still awake at 9.30 and no I'm not following the Spanish routine, and yes we do have a bath, book process and yes he does wake up early and yes it does make him a grumpy little shit. <having a really bad day>

Glassofwineneeded Mon 30-Nov-15 21:33:37

My ds will wake up tomorrow with Elf in his bed!

Towelonthedoor Mon 30-Nov-15 21:34:02

Pink that's ace! So many options! Too many to play out! Too many nights when I will forget. Plus we're on our fourth year....

Towelonthedoor Mon 30-Nov-15 21:35:05

President our 6 year old is still awake. She came down and I had to army till across the lounge to stop her coming in!

Towelonthedoor Mon 30-Nov-15 21:36:11

Glassofwine that's scary!

MsJamieFraser Mon 30-Nov-15 21:57:48

Ours came with breakfast and a letter from Santa asking them to write their Christmas lists out, and also a treasure hunt map to find their toy advent calenders.

Excuse the many food options, one child has multiple allergies and has to have allergy free foods which ds1 does not like hmm

Glassofwineneeded Mon 30-Nov-15 21:58:18

Do you think? He's a very cuddly cute elf. Worried bowl me going to frighten the life out of ds - he's almost 9 tho.

MsJamieFraser Mon 30-Nov-15 21:58:58

Sorry forgot to post photo

Glassofwineneeded Mon 30-Nov-15 21:59:04

Worried NOW IM
grrrr predictive text!

PitBlackwell Mon 30-Nov-15 22:01:33

My 8 yo would love it if our elf arrived in her bed! She even hoped for it tonight.

However, I think he'll be on the table with a book for them to read. Must. Not. Forget.

Towelonthedoor Mon 30-Nov-15 22:04:43

Mine love the elf but always cry at night to make sure he doesn't arrive in their room!

snowgirl1 Mon 30-Nov-15 22:23:44

We have a rag doll style elf. He'll be arriving at the front door tomorrow (we'll ring the bell) with a little suitcase. If it's not raining I might try to do footsteps in the snow with flour.

PresidentUnderwood Mon 30-Nov-15 23:09:14

Elf had left trail of loo roll to kitchen where he is chilling with golden coins for rent (thanks PP)

PopcornFrenzy Mon 30-Nov-15 23:11:45

Ours ballooned in

StillWearingOddSocks Mon 30-Nov-15 23:31:41

Loving these photos & descriptions! Largely prompted by this thread, mine will ring the doorbell in the wee hrs when we are up but it's still all dark. He will be on doorstep with a jigsaw & a letter filled with glitter. Thought about nicking the smarties idea from OP but didn't know how to explain how he got in (he usually rings bell)

He will have a Disney 1000 piece Christmas jigsaw ( don't judge smile It's me Christmas indulgence grin)
He should have advent calendar & Christmas PJs for whole family but he's been disorganised this year

PrincessHairyMclary Mon 30-Nov-15 23:34:15

Ours has taken over the dolls house and filled it with fake snow and brought a Toy advent calendar.

Towelonthedoor Tue 01-Dec-15 08:06:05

Love all these different ways the elf arrives!

IamSantaClaus Tue 01-Dec-15 08:15:23

Ours is clearly a scatty elf who forgot to arrive . Must steal these ideas for tonight

HollyJollyDillydolly Tue 01-Dec-15 08:18:56

My elf is still in my bedside drawer. Forgot to get him out until I saw posts on fb.
Maybe he can arrive when I'm out collecting the kids from school. Love the breakfast idea fsmile

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