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Where can I get a back scratcher?

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MelanieCheeks Mon 30-Nov-15 16:20:27

Does anyone know any UK stockists of a back scratcher? Doesn't matter whether it's the old fashioned wooden one, or a modern version.

VulcanWoman Mon 30-Nov-15 16:34:25

Ebay and Amazon have them, or is it a high street shop, maybe a shoe menders or the market.

TPel Mon 30-Nov-15 16:35:03

Tiger sell them.

Helenluvsrob Mon 30-Nov-15 16:38:13

Tiger £1. briilliant

nattyknitter Mon 30-Nov-15 16:39:25

Poundland have extendable ones. (Bought one for the dog's crimbo stocking).

Buttercup27 Mon 30-Nov-15 16:39:43

I got dh one from bhs a couple of years ago for Christmas along with an executive ball scratcher

supermariossister Mon 30-Nov-15 18:24:37

B and m bargains also had the extendable ones for a £1

DragonMamma Mon 30-Nov-15 18:35:48

Topman had one which was shaped like a bear claw

ozymandiusking Mon 30-Nov-15 18:37:52


icclemunchy Mon 30-Nov-15 18:40:29

They had some in menkind the other day

MelanieCheeks Mon 30-Nov-15 18:53:13

Brilliant suggestions, thanks all.

kali43 Mon 30-Nov-15 19:50:13

Saw the in pound land today and are all over ebay too

MelanieCheeks Thu 03-Dec-15 10:33:41

The girl in TopMan looked at me as if I had 2 heads, but then I passed a Tiger, only opened the other week! Managed to go in and JUST buy a backscratcher, ignoring all the other goodies which I will go back and have a good rootle through later

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