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Christmas jumper "dilemma"

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Littleonesaid Mon 30-Nov-15 15:05:03

Nephew has just turned 1. He got loads of toys for birthday so his DM suggested a "cute Santa jumper" for Christmas. She loves Christmas and their tree was already up and house decorated when we visited on Sunday.

So, my question is do I go all out and get an obvious Santa one like this cute jumper which can only really be worn for a couple of weeks, or a more restrained one like this Fairisle jumper which could be worn all Winter (my preference).

First world problem I know, but any thoughts would be welcome.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 30-Nov-15 15:07:12

A Christmas jumper for his birthday would have been better. Christmas jumpers are worn in December with the final day being Xmas day, Boxing Day at a push.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 30-Nov-15 15:08:00

Sorry posted two soon. Ask for the regular jumper , then a Christmas jumper for his second birthday.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 30-Nov-15 15:08:28

Ahh give not ask for grin

Littleonesaid Mon 30-Nov-15 15:10:02

I know, I'm going to give it to him early so he can get maximum wear.

Umbrelladilemma Mon 30-Nov-15 15:10:29

If she's asked for "a cute Santa jumper" then I think it's pretty clear grin

Littleonesaid Mon 30-Nov-15 15:17:30

I agree but it's such a waste of money <<wrings hands>> I was wondering whether I could take a less literal interpretation. Or if the red one could be classed as a "cute Santa jumper"?

OSETmum Mon 30-Nov-15 15:21:56

The first one, although the secon one is lovely!

Umbrelladilemma Mon 30-Nov-15 15:22:02

Hmmm... I would say that if she's very into Christmassy things (as you say) then she will be a little disappointed with the second one. I think as she's been specifically about the present, you gave to follow the instructions. It's just the same as if you had put something specific on your Christmas list (if you had one!), and the giver had ignored it and gone for something they think is better.

OSETmum Mon 30-Nov-15 15:22:22

Sorry my *d went missing there!

Umbrelladilemma Mon 30-Nov-15 15:22:27

Have to follow the instructions, not gave to

AuntieStella Mon 30-Nov-15 15:25:26

He can wear it for the full 12 days of Christmas, no need to stop early in Boxing Day. I think you should go with what has been asked for.

MsJuniper Mon 30-Nov-15 15:30:06

I got DS a lovely Christmas-type knitted jumper from Sainsburys which is Gruffalo themed but quite subtle, more like the style of your second more tasteful option. Might that work? Maybe with some Santa socks?

Littleonesaid Mon 30-Nov-15 15:34:52

Thanks I like the Gruffalo idea, I'll take a look now.

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