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inspiration needed for new man in my life

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We 'met' online in October and have net in person a few times too, and it's all going rather well. I'm feeling like I can optimistically look at getting him a Christmas gift. He likes Scuba Diving (he's away diving for 2 weeks now) and bakes/sugarcrafts too, and works in IT and travels overseas quite a bit (work and leisure). He he doesn't drink much (so alcohol gifts are a no).

I'm stuck with what to get him, just something small, to give him.when I see him over Christmas, it doesn't feel right turning up empty handed.

Huge thanks in advance!

Tate15 Mon 30-Nov-15 11:29:22

A book?

Tickets to a show or concert?

Ooh, book might be good! I should add he also likes 80/90s rock music and is a bit of a Sci fi geek.

Thanks Tate I've ordered a book called '50 placed to dive before you die' tbsmile

Tate15 Mon 30-Nov-15 23:42:51

Hope he has a lovely birthday and romance continues to blossom for you. Xxx

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