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Ideas please - 2 and 1/2 year old into Dancing

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janaus Mon 30-Nov-15 05:19:13

I am looking for ideas for grand daughter 2 and 1/2 y.o. who does dancing classes. Thinking of making her a box of things, dance related. Any ideas please

Jenijena Mon 30-Nov-15 05:22:51

There's a nice Usborne version of The Nutcracker with buttons you press for the various bits of music. My DS was that age last year and loved it.

BikeRunSki Mon 30-Nov-15 05:42:07

hair clips

Morrison's have pink net tutus in their children's wear at the moment.

Sainsbury's and H&M sell well priced ballet wear too.

Many books, DVDs etc about Angelina Ballerina.

janaus Mon 30-Nov-15 06:09:16

Oh wow, you girls are amazing. In Australia, we dont have those stores here, but I can look at other places. Lovely the Angelina Ballerina idea, very popular here.
Thanks so much

vikjul Mon 30-Nov-15 06:33:32

My dd (now 7) loves dancing and has great fun dancing in front of a large mirror in her room. Although maybe that would be better for when the 2,5yo is slightly older :-)

Neeko Mon 30-Nov-15 07:45:42

What about some cheer leading Pom poms, a long dancing ribbon thing or fairy wings and a wand. My DDs have used all those things in their dance class in the past.

vikjul Mon 30-Nov-15 07:53:16

Oh, just thought of play silks!! They are wonderful for dancing!

Cressandra Mon 30-Nov-15 12:51:20

Music CDs or DVDs they can dance to, ideally with actions in the lyrics. My kids loved Tumble Tots. They have lyrics like "come on everybody let's swing our arms" so you can follow the actions as well as do pirouettes!

janaus Tue 01-Dec-15 03:05:23

Thank you for your lovely ideas. So far I have got her a CD with kiddies songs. I bought some offcuts of different silky type materials. Now to look for Angelina book, or other dancing books, and a tutu. And those streamer things like for cheer leading. Well done everyone

attheendoftheday Tue 01-Dec-15 09:02:10

Twirling ribbon on a stick is popular here. I hesitate to recommend an Angelina Ballerina DVD as the one we have is appallingly bad, but my dds really love it.

You can get Boogie Beebies DVDs on Amazon for a pound or two, they lead kids through a dance and my kids like them.

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