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Lidl turkeys?

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Trudee Sun 29-Nov-15 22:08:02

Are they any good? I know their meat is usually quite good but haven't tried a turkey before

macnab Mon 30-Nov-15 11:36:05

We were chatting about frozen turkeys at work recently and a colleague said she'd watched a segment on This Morning (think it was last week) where they blind tasted turkeys. Not sure if they were all frozen or not but the Lidl frozen one came out tops apparently, really good value and no compromise on flavour etc. I'm considering it, but when I looked the largest they had was to feed 6-8 people and I'm catering for 8 and I count my DH as two people so I'm worried it won't be big enough

As for fresh, I love their fresh meat and never have any issues with it so I'm sure it will be fine. If I can't get a big enough frozen one I'll certainly consider getting a fresh one from Lidl.

Tidypidy Mon 30-Nov-15 11:38:15

We've had the ready basted frozen turkey from Lidl for the last two years. It's delicious! Last year we even had two! I buy the one in the orange packet and it did 4 adults and 3 children easily wth some to spare.

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