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Christmas Food (but not Christmas dinner!)

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Bellejournee Sun 29-Nov-15 20:12:54

Starting to put together a list for Christmas meals other than Christmas lunch and would welcome your ideas/plans.

We have a Christmas Eve box, which will contain a film for us all to watch late afternoon and I thought of doing a carpet picnic - lots of nibbly bits, like Christmas tree shaped tortillas with dips, garlic mushrooms, mini burgers and salad. Christmas morning I'm doing freshly baked pastries and a fruit salad. Our lunch will be pretty heavy and full on, so will most likely want something light in the evening. I thought maybe soup and some nice bread?

Boxing Day - we'll either have a bacon, egg and mushroom bagel for breakfast or maybe brunch. Need ideas for dinner - I initially thought home made fish finger sandwiches, but it's more will keep that for another evening, ! We've already booked to go out for a curry over the Christmas period, so not fussed about having one on Boxing Day. What's everyone having on Boxing Day? inspire me please!

missmargot Sun 29-Nov-15 20:36:33

I prefer Boxing Day lunch to Christmas Day- cold turkey and ham, jacket potatoes, bubble and squeak and baked beans.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 29-Nov-15 21:03:00

I was just thinking about Random Christmas Food that you only ever buy at Christmas. I don't drink alcohol, neither do my parents.
DH.DBro,DSiL will have beer..

But I bought a bottle of Belvoir Mulled Punch which I will warm, chop some oranges ,apples, maraschino cherries and lovingly pour into a large glass bowl to dispense with my clear (plastic) ladle. fgrin

On Christmas eve, we Traditionally have fish/fish fingers/veg grills for DH and I (we;re vegetarian) chips, some salad maybe.
Then pudding I'm going to make apple pie and baked toffee pecan cheesecake.

We do a late night buffet- might do soup,rolls,pork pies and cold meat with some nice bread.
Then I'll cut the cake.

I think Boxing Day breakfast will be a huge fry up

Boxing Day I'm planning a meat lasagne, macaroni cheese ,pizza for DS (I'll make the base in the morning and let it slow rise). I have some GF bread mix so I'm going to try that out (I'm not eating wheat and minimal dairy).
Might try olives,marinated peppers.
I've bought some of those JustRoll pizza bases so if they're good, I can buy those again for DS to save me doing his base.

Trifle (I can part assemble in the morning and put in the porch which is cold) and leftover Christmas Pudding

Bellejournee Mon 30-Nov-15 08:17:30

Some nice ideas, thanks! We've used the just roll pizza dough before and the pizzas came out really nice. I've made a calzone with it too.

nightandthelight Mon 30-Nov-15 10:42:08

We are hosting for the first time and ILs will be with us from Christmas Eve PM to 27th AM. Christmas Eve dinner we are planning lasagne, garlic bread and salad followed by a chocolate and pear pudding.

Christmas breakfast with be like yours OP smile Lunch will be the traditional and then cheese and biscuits and Christmas cake will be available if anyone is hungry in the evening.

Boxing Day lunch will be soup, ham, potatoes dauphinoise, steamed veg and a light pudding. Will do some light bubbles in the evening smile

nightandthelight Mon 30-Nov-15 10:42:54

Nibbles not bubbles!

Jane222 Mon 30-Nov-15 20:03:05

I always go to my local farmer at Great Clerkes Farm to get our delicious goose and buy from him any other foods he happens to have so I cant plan anything until the 23rd December - makes it much more exciting.

Last year we had smoked duck breast and a shoulder of venison. Even the in-laws smiled it was so good.

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