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winterswan Sun 29-Nov-15 19:32:03

Hi - we are having the flooring done in our apartment on the 22nd December. It's a gorgeous wooden rustic look - really pleased about this.

However, I want to make things as easy as possible for the fitters. So should I -

Not have a tree
Not have a tree on the floor (have a big bay window where we might be able to fit a small tree)
Have a tree!

I know it's not life or death, but ... fsmile

freshoutofluck Sun 29-Nov-15 20:26:33

Tree on castors?!

Chottie Mon 30-Nov-15 05:16:02

I think I would wait until the fitters have finished and then put the tree up after they have gone.

Your new flooring sounds fab BTW fsmile

Jenijena Mon 30-Nov-15 05:24:49

Have a tree on the 23rd when they'll be reduced

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Mon 30-Nov-15 06:42:53

i'd have no tree until they've finished and just have other decorations up in the mean time

WhispersOfWickedness Mon 30-Nov-15 06:59:53

I love Christmas and put my decorations up relatively early, but even I would wait until the floor was done before putting a tree up in those circumstances smile You can put up other decorations that don't live on the floor in the meantime smile

eurochick Mon 30-Nov-15 08:13:26

No advice on decs but surprised your lease allows a wooden floor!

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Mon 30-Nov-15 10:56:26

I wouldn't be able to resist a d wouldn't feel right with my tree so would put one up and just move it when the time comes

BarbaraofSeville Mon 30-Nov-15 12:55:14

Have a tree when they've done. I once didn't put one up until 27th December when I bought it half price in the Argos sale.

winterswan Mon 30-Nov-15 19:15:01

We own it.

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