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Can anyone help me find this for my DD?

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MaryPoppinsPenguins Sat 28-Nov-15 10:07:49

She's 2, she recently went to a friends house and played with a backpack that was like a Koala Bear holding on to your back.

She makes a beeline for it every time we go there, and cries when she has to leave it...

I really want to get her one for Christmas, unfortunately my friend bought it in Sydney and I'm not sure I'll be able to get it from there smile

Memeto3boys Sat 28-Nov-15 10:11:48

I have found this one. It's similar to what your saying but its a one that you can use as reins too

Shirkingfromhome Sat 28-Nov-15 10:15:11

this one sounds similar too. Amazon doesn't have any in stock but there is also one listed on etsy. There a few on too but you'd have to ship from Australia.

IamSantaClaus Sat 28-Nov-15 10:14:46

I found this one on eBay if it's any use . Good luck !

WhatWouldFlopDo Sat 28-Nov-15 10:16:40

Ebay? Can't get the link to work but search

Australian kangaroo kids backpack bag rucksack

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sat 28-Nov-15 10:19:28

That eBay one is The one!

Thanks so much smile

(Now I have to sign up for an eBay account before someone else buys it!)

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