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M&S or Sainsburys voucher for elderly couple?

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ifonly4 Sat 28-Nov-15 09:02:22

I'm planning to send my Auntie and Uncle this year a gift card this year. They live close to two towns and tend to go to one more where they also do their food shopping at Sainsburys. For this reason I thought a voucher for Sainsburys might be more practical. However, I think an M&S gift card would be more special but it means them going out of their way/delaying spending it in the other town.

Which would you buy?

superram Sat 28-Nov-15 09:05:29

They last for ages so presumably will go to the other town at some point? Can use them in the cafe too or for clothes. Sainsburys don't do naice food.

laundryeverywhere Sat 28-Nov-15 09:07:05

Yes I think M&S is a bit more special and has an Xmas feel to it if they use Sainsbury a lot anyway. Just make sure the voucher is valid for a long time so they can go their at their leisure.

Flingingmelon Sat 28-Nov-15 09:11:09

I'd go M&S. My grandparents are a similar age and they definitely see M&S as upmarket and 'special' (wanders off to order the annual tea and tinned salmon hamper...)

NoahVale Sat 28-Nov-15 09:13:26

M & S definitely a bit more special and a voucher to be appreciated

NoahVale Sat 28-Nov-15 09:13:32

they can always buy themselves some undies if they want to

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