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LetMeBeLight Fri 27-Nov-15 16:06:43

There's a couple of specific jumpers I want from M&S, but the sizes I want are out of stock on their website.

I'm not too au fait with ordering clothes online from M&S, does anyone know if they re-stock regularly at this time of year? i.e. Am I likely to be able to order them before Christmas? Or am I best trawling a few branches of M&S in the hope they have the jumpers in stock?

Any advice/info gratefully received smile

BumbleTalking Fri 27-Nov-15 21:43:01

Hi OP, ime M&S are unbelievably slow at restocking/updating their online availability!

If I were you, I'd try me luck at various other M&S stores if you really love those jumpers. Do you have a big M&S near you by any chance? It would be worth the mooch smile

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