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Can anyone find me a "safe" in the shape of a pineapple?

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SoupDragon Fri 27-Nov-15 10:27:51

Yes, it's a bizarre request.

On an episode of Sam and Cat on Nickleodeon, they hid their money in the fruit bowl inside a fake pineapple that unscrewed. You know, like the fake baked bean cans. DS (14) declared that he would love one.

I can find plastic pineapples, I can find pineapple boxes, I can not find one that both looks like a pineapple and is a box. I can find pineapple trinket boxes, I can find pineapple ice buckets but no pineapple safes.

I do already have a kitsch lime green pineapple box I bought him before he requested this seemingly non existent one but I would love to find one.

I suspect it was made for the programme or only available in the U.S. but it's always worth asking MN grin

QforCucumber Fri 27-Nov-15 10:30:42

at a guess I'd say this is what you're after - but it's US website and out of stock, but it exists grin

SoWhite Fri 27-Nov-15 10:34:29

This is the best I've come across:

GreenSand Fri 27-Nov-15 10:42:43

from the US or white then paint

SoupDragon Fri 27-Nov-15 10:45:15

Thank you for your efforts - Close but no, um... Banana.

It was realistically fake and the top unscrewed. I suspect that, as Google is throwing up nothing similar, it doesn't exist.

FauxFox Fri 27-Nov-15 10:45:26


SoupDragon Fri 27-Nov-15 10:46:15

The things I try to get others to do for my child...

SoupDragon Fri 27-Nov-15 10:46:44

fauxfox I think that's the one I already have in lime green smile

And which he will have to make do with!

dickyduckydido Fri 27-Nov-15 10:48:30


SoWhite Fri 27-Nov-15 10:48:08

I'd buy him the white one and get him a paint set too!

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Fri 27-Nov-15 11:24:14

Looking at dicky's link someone's already tried to search for this exactly thing and come up with the same link as cucumber and it does look like a cookie jar in the pic.
This might be an ice bucket, but it will have the compartment inside for him to store things

InternationalHouseofToast Fri 27-Nov-15 11:29:46

Was going to suggest the ice bucket that Naught has already found. My gran had one 30 odd years ago. The lid stays on tight.

SoupDragon Fri 27-Nov-15 12:10:33

I do love the way MNers rise to a challenge smile

I think the ice bucket is my fallback option" - one of the replicas, not eh £60 original ones shock I love him, but not £60 of plastic pineapple's worth!

Thanks everyone.

EmilyPunkhurst Fri 27-Nov-15 14:10:32

Can you convince him that all pineapples are tinned


NaughtToThreeSadOnions Fri 27-Nov-15 15:54:49

That's why I linked the £24 one because the price of some of them shock I was like £50-60 for something fun.

SoupDragon Fri 27-Nov-15 16:00:16

LOL @ the tinned version.

I might get that as a joke although I do think it's the shape of the pineapple he is fond of. I have no idea why!

DoveOfPeace Mon 30-Nov-15 15:37:51

I love him, but not £60 of plastic pineapple's worth!


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