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Leeds2 Thu 26-Nov-15 14:52:54

Has anyone ever bought one of these? Was it any good? Have had a quick look on line and they seem to vary enormously in price. I don't mind paying more, if it is worth it!

notenoughbottle Thu 26-Nov-15 16:42:03

Bluebird Tea Co do one. I've not signed up to it but placed an order z few weeks ago for my mum and the stuff looks pretty good

mercifulTehlu Thu 26-Nov-15 16:43:05

My sister bought me one once - it was fab! I think the company she went for no longer exists though.

Leeds2 Thu 26-Nov-15 17:15:18

Will have a look at Bluebird Tea. Thank you. What have you actually received? A packet of tea bags, and then they will post more to your mum's address throughout the year?

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 26-Nov-15 17:18:17

Oh, my friend might like this

unweavedrainbow Thu 26-Nov-15 17:29:21

Tea subscriptions are nearly always for loose leaf tea-so no tea bags, and most people who would want one would already have the "kit" ie infuser teapots, infusers, measuring spoons. It's a hobby with varying degrees of investment, like all others. You get some subscriptions with some bits included aimed at introducing people to loose leaf tea, but the price will normally reflect the included equipment.
They vary massively in price as some are for more beginner friendly (and so cheaper) "flavoured tea" subscriptions-the Bluebird one is like this- and then they increase in price as you start getting into rarer or more specialist single leaf teas. Tea at this level is like wine more than anything else. Variety, country, estate, time of year harvested and so on and so forth.
Does your mum already like tea? You need to know what kind of flavours she likes in order to make it worth it. Loose leaf tea is also a lot more hassle than tea bags. As I said, it's a hobby smile

Leeds2 Thu 26-Nov-15 17:39:50

Thank you, unweaved! That is very helpful! I don't drink tea, and was finding the huge variety of things on offer a bit overwhelming.

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