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Which wooden play kitchen?

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notenoughbottle Thu 26-Nov-15 08:07:44

I ordered the Kidkraft prairie kitchen on an Amazon Lightning deal last night at £98 but then the original one I was going to buy, a GLTC portobello kitchen, has come down to £66 although it is a bit smaller. Some Amazon reviews on the Kidkraft are not the best so does anyone have any experience of either of these brands as I'm now torn between keeping and cancelling the Amazon! My DD is 2.5 but very tall. Which company is going to be better quality?

Only1scoop Thu 26-Nov-15 08:12:31

We have a large kidcraft which I bought as dd is tall and I wanted something that will last. She is 5 now and it's still a great size. I shopped specifically for best one for tall children.

Not sure about dimensions of prairie but our kidcraft is certainly well made.

When I was shopping some of the gltc were quite a bit smaller but that may have changed.

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