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Stocking filler ideas for my parents (join their 60s) that I can buy tomorrow in big shopping centre please, excluding this whole long list of things...

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ridingsixwhitehorses Wed 25-Nov-15 23:03:54

So I want to make sticking for my parents - both in their 60s, still working, got enough money to buy their own treats, so looking for unusual things they won't have thought of or funny things really.

Any ideas for my mum in particular (my dad won't care but am still interested in ideas for him) that aren't:

scented candles
pictures of the kids

Thank you! Looking to spend about £20 in total so just a few quid per item.

Going to westfield so will have every shop I need.

longingforfun Wed 25-Nov-15 23:16:52

Very small bottle of wine - cost about £2.00.
nice biro
tube of smarties/ bar of toblerone
disposable camera
small notebook
key ring
small coin purse (cheap from Claires)

ArthurMcAffertyhastwocats Wed 25-Nov-15 23:24:18

Bag of posh smoked almonds
One of those things that help you put duvet covers on duvets
Small notepads
Hand warmers from outdoor shop
Tiny booklight
Mini screwdriver set
Rescue Remedy
Lavender oil
Lip balm
Kitchen item (zester, silicone pastry brush, egg boil timer thing)
Novelty socks
Nail file

throwingpebbles Wed 25-Nov-15 23:26:44

Nice stationery eg pens etc
Christmas tree decorations

ridingsixwhitehorses Wed 25-Nov-15 23:33:27

I want something to help put duvet cover on duvets. Sounds amazing. It is my husband's job in our house but he resents me for it! (but he has a wider arm span!). What is the thing you mention. I need one.

Akire Wed 25-Nov-15 23:38:01

Any homeward kitchen gadget shop always some handy gadget you wouldn't buy but nice as gift. They sell loads silly washing up brushes dresses up like people seem in lots cheaper shops makes washing up
Bit more interesting.

Think anything useful in stocking so even new car air freshener they like or pretty post its, chemist sell pretty pill holders handy for handbag or do key chain ones too.

LeaLeander Wed 25-Nov-15 23:46:16

Vouchers/ gift card for magazine subscription
Garden seeds or small tools
Postage stamps
Nail polish or other footcare
Lip balm

mrsmeerkat Wed 25-Nov-15 23:52:28

I have a pretty floral hammer/screwdriver. Love it and so useful.

Porcelain teaspoons

Adult colouring book

Tweezers for your mum

Lip balm

Book of stamps ??? Least they would use. Nice design

mrsmeerkat Wed 25-Nov-15 23:53:32

Sorry see stamps already. New look have nice gift items near the till.


scrappydappydoo Wed 25-Nov-15 23:55:48

A nice folding reusable shopping bag
One of those handbag hooks that hang on a table.
If there is a Lakeland - they have lots of stocking filler type gifts
A pocket diary
scarf or gloves

Alipally1 Wed 25-Nov-15 23:57:05

Love the ideas! Some more here but depends on their interests really.
- Cheap paperback
- Lotto ticket
- Small book of stamps to go with the stationery
- Womdee scarves are a couple of pounds, eg:
- Adult colouring book if that's their thing - can get previous copies cheaply in markets, with cheap gel/pens/coloured pencils from TheWorks.
- Credit card sized magnifying glass (sorry no idea where I bought that)
- one miniature of their favourite tipple
- spectacles cleaner set with screwdriver (if they don't have one) - cheaper not from opticians
- demister for car
- seeds, with a little pot or for garden
- £1 trowel from Poundland
- Little craft kit e.g. cross-stitch bookmark
- Puzzle/joke book
- Flashing reindeer or other Christmassy badge

janaus Thu 26-Nov-15 04:54:35

back up a bit ... Arthur ... one of those things that put duvet covers on duvets?

Please tell?

Australia here, never heard of such a thing. May be a lifesaver.

janaus Thu 26-Nov-15 04:58:27

Large sized, huge really, Playing Cards, bit of a joke present. I have given them.

You can also get a gadget that holds your playing cards for you,

Those impossible wooden puzzles, take forever, and you never can really get them out, or similar, puzzles that are metal rings

janaus Thu 26-Nov-15 05:02:20

Another idea ... bought for my young grandsons ..

Box set of Mr. Bean ... so old, I know, but laugh everytime I see him

Rosa Thu 26-Nov-15 06:07:12

Minatures - travel size of hand cream , bubble bath. Packets of fun tissues , dvd of something they watched in the past. Key ring , glasses case, mini boxes of thorntons chocolate or hotel chocolate. Small torch on a keyring- my mum loved hers .

ridingsixwhitehorses Thu 26-Nov-15 06:07:40

Is it this?

BikeRunSki Thu 26-Nov-15 06:18:41

Seeds or bulbs

swooosh Thu 26-Nov-15 06:24:01

Go to Tiger at Westfield they have so much cheap stuff. Good for arty bits, office stuff, gardening, house etc.

ArthurMcAffertyhastwocats Thu 26-Nov-15 07:04:37

That's the thing, riding. In all honesty, I just change the duvet cover and don't bother with them but I've bought loads for people over the years and they all rave about them!

Badders123 Thu 26-Nov-15 07:26:55

Tiger do nice unusual stuff for £1-5 Mark.

Badders123 Thu 26-Nov-15 07:27:19

Ooops with swoosh!

Badders123 Thu 26-Nov-15 07:28:46

Scratch card/lotto ticket
Cheap dvd.from Amazon...some.older.films are only £5

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