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Tesco delivery priority access

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LillyBugg Mon 23-Nov-15 20:46:34

So I completely missed this last year but I'm on a delivery saver plan and I know when I'm going to get access to delivery slots for christmas.

1) do I have to get up 'in the early hours' as my letters suggests to actually get a slot?

2) can I checkout with a random £40 worth of stuff so I can choose what I actually want closer to Christmas and change my order?

Ta muchly!

JaquelineHyde Mon 23-Nov-15 20:50:13

Have you registered to receive access to the priority booking?

I signed up to a delivery plan purely to get access to priority booking for Xmas and then received an email from them saying the time to register had passed!!

So I've cancelled the delivery plan and written a complaint, bloody idiots!

JaquelineHyde Mon 23-Nov-15 20:52:13

Oh and to answer your questions, yes I would get up early to ensure the slot you wanted and yes you can checkout and amend the order closer to delivery.

LillyBugg Mon 23-Nov-15 20:53:17

I don't remember registering but I have a letter with a date for access to christmas slots.

ThornyBird Mon 23-Nov-15 20:56:14

I've never got up early to book a particular slot but I am quite fatalistic about it and can cope with not having everything as it's just me, dh and the DC.

That said, I've always managed to pick up a slot on the 22nd or 23rd (last day we get deliveries).

And from memory it is the same as any other booked slot, you just need a few items in your basket to checkout and can add to it later smile

LillyBugg Mon 23-Nov-15 21:02:17

Thanks yousmile I would like a slot but guess it's not essential. I just get the rage in tesco when the entire UK population are filling their trolleys with every item off the shelf.

MrsDeathOfRats Mon 23-Nov-15 21:12:32

Be careful about relying on your order.

I recall read ALOT last year about deliveries arriving half filled as shops had run out of stock or totally random substitutions (ok this is normal) and then you jut have to go to the supermarket anyway.

Try to book your delivery with enough time to go out for corrections/missing items/forgotten things

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