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Secret Santa Saucy Shenanigans

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Catscatsandmorecats Mon 23-Nov-15 15:38:16

At work, we are using an online secret Santa thingy on which you can add a wish list from Amazon.

The person I have drawn has a 'Sexy Pinup Girls Act Erotic' calendar on his list. WTAF?? Who does this?!

Now, obviously each to their own and I don't really care about my colleagues choice of saucy calendar choices but surely it is not very professional to include on a wish list shared with a person you may not know very well at work?

Funnily enough we had an ethics email on Friday, I think he must have ignored that!


Ilovetorrentialrain Mon 23-Nov-15 15:41:26

Oops. That has got to be a joke / for a bet. Probably best to ignore and go for some thing else and say nothing!

Catscatsandmorecats Mon 23-Nov-15 19:34:48

Honestly it has completely derailed my day! I am now totally obsessed with trying to find out if it is a joke (although knowing this person I don't think so) or if not, what to do.

I'd quite like to call his bluff and buy it but then I may get into trouble with the ethics police.

DH thinks I should buy him a male nudey calendar instead but same problem as above.

There is a way I can send him an anonymous message on the secret Santa thing. Maybe I could pretend he's been reported for an offensive item?

What should I do? any ideas?

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