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What's on your list?

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olafisking Mon 23-Nov-15 15:16:40

The dreaded time of year approaches - I have had a request for a list from both my parents and ILs. I want some bits from Lush and some nail polish but other than that I'm scrabbling around for ideas. Can anyone inspire me? Can be anything from the £5 - £35 price range (they are happy to buy several small items or one big!).

So, what have you asked for and do I want it?

AlmaMartyr Mon 23-Nov-15 16:53:03

I want some new boots, a box of stuff from Lush and some board games (hobby..). Would also like a new jumper that I've seen. I think someone might have bought me a wooden teachest that I was eyeing up (about £35). Last year I got board games, a new Kipling bag, coat and boots.

I struggle with this! Am not very imaginative.

Saukko Mon 23-Nov-15 16:55:53

I keep a list of books throughout the year, and added to the list a nice Paperchase diary and a Spicery subscription smile

I've learned to make the list via Amazon (and the button you can use to add to the wishlist from any site) all year round and avoid the worry.

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