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Present for 4.5y old niece

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Carpediem2007 Mon 23-Nov-15 10:39:12

I have been asked for something pink or sparkly. In my very male house, everything is blue, some sort of ball game, electronic gadget or boys band music.
Help! Budget is around £15-30, but quite flexible. Any suggestion welcome.

BlueChampagne Mon 23-Nov-15 13:26:18

Dressing up stuff?
Disney DVDs?
Cookie cutters?
Pretty notebook(s) and gel pens?

kiwidreamer Mon 23-Nov-15 13:55:47

My 4.5yr old would be chuffed with 4 or 5 bits from Primark - little fluffy purse, bangles, notepad and pen, a sheer lip gloss and a t shirt with a cat on it lol

emski1972 Mon 23-Nov-15 21:14:12

Check out the sparkle club for sparkly shoes and bags. My sister did this last year and these shoes were much loved. As an Aunty you can get away with as much sparkle as you like!
Fureal friends for furry pets...
cant go wrong with a Disney Princess dress..
Ahh glitter tattoos!

Carpediem2007 Mon 23-Nov-15 23:11:52

Lots of lovely ideas, thank you, I am going to look them up online .

attheendoftheday Tue 24-Nov-15 09:42:14

How about a My First Sticky Mosaics set? My 4 year old loves them. There's a princess set and a ballerina set amongst others.

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