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What he wants doesn't exist

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SleepRegression Sun 22-Nov-15 23:16:15

My 5 yr old has 2 things on his santa list, a lot of chocolate, easy enough and a toy that just doesnt exist - a trackmaster Daisy. Its the 2nd year it's been on his list, last year he was disappointed, he thinks Santa can make anything what do i do?

SpendSpendSpend Sun 22-Nov-15 23:20:57

Where has he got trackmaster daisy from? Could he be getting confused with something else?

I would ask him to show you what it is and you may be surprised that its called something entirely different

Hastagwhatever Sun 22-Nov-15 23:22:07

Trackmaster Daisy is from Thomas the tank engine, no?

MrsMolesworth Sun 22-Nov-15 23:23:06

Can you buy a TOMY Daisy instead? or customise another Trackmaster train? You could maybe see if one of the men who work at your local Games Workshop would customise it for you for a small fee, as they have lots of paints that stick to metal and plastic and some of the sales assistants are seriously good at delicate painting, because they spend all day doing it in store.

Seeyounearertime Sun 22-Nov-15 23:25:14

I have no idea besides honesty. Sorry.

Or maybe tell him that Santa can only make so many characters from each programming so has to make lots of Thomas's and it doesn't leave enough time to make daisy.

Tricky situation OP. sad

May09Bump Sun 22-Nov-15 23:25:39

Is he into Thomas the Tank as there is a tomy trackmaster daisy in the range:

Also, get him to draw it for you - might give you an idea.

PinkSquash Sun 22-Nov-15 23:30:41

Daisy does exist on the Trackmaster set, but she's very rare. confused

SleepRegression Sun 22-Nov-15 23:34:17

It's definitely daisy that he wants. We got him the 'takeand play' Daisy but he has the Trackmaster trainset with a few of the other engines. last year i got away with it because he wanted 2 different trains so i was able to get the other one and said that 'Santa can't bring everything', which he was fine about. I think the Daisy in the YouTube vid must have been made May09Bump, it's a great version! Mrs Molesworthwe have a local Games Workshop i hadn't thought of them
Thanks for your replies! Really is much appreciated!

SleepRegression Sun 22-Nov-15 23:36:05

Really PinkSquash? I've not found any anywhere. You give me hope :-)

Mylittlelights Sun 22-Nov-15 23:37:24

try emailing the seller of this one

Mylittlelights Sun 22-Nov-15 23:41:03

is this it?

5608Carrie Sun 22-Nov-15 23:42:23

This daisy any good?

PinkSquash Sun 22-Nov-15 23:42:43

They were discontinued quite some time ago I think. I will keep my eyes and ears open and see if there's anyone with one hidden.

If you want one made up I would go to a specialist model train shop or approach a friendly looking spotter at the railway wink

janaus Sun 22-Nov-15 23:43:55

look on E bay. There might be something similar, that an older child has grown out of

Mylittlelights Sun 22-Nov-15 23:44:22

this one?

SleepRegression Mon 23-Nov-15 00:03:32

The trackmaster set he has is motorised so all the trains run round the set with battery power. Thanks Mylittlelights for finding all those Daisys :-) the last link might be an adaptable model. There is a similar train that they do make so maybe i'll have to adapt it (craft is not my strong point! goodness knows what it will end up like) Thanks PinkSquash i'll look into local model train shops and see if they can help.
Keeping the Santa dream alive is tough!

MrsMolesworth Mon 23-Nov-15 09:46:22

Games workshop won't sell them, but they might customise one for you if you bring it in.

Favouritethings Mon 23-Nov-15 16:31:39

Is it one of those magnetic ones? If so, I may have one x

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