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StarDustMonkey Sun 22-Nov-15 21:17:57

Ok, so my DH has decided to get me an Xbox one for Christmas (I suggested a 360), and I'm now looking into it. from the look of it I can get the base console for around £250. I then want to get a couple of games to play with the kids, however the console only comes with one controller. The cheapest controller I can find are £25, is that right? It seems a tad ridiculous, as that means for an extra 3 controllers (so we all have one), plus a charging deck it'll be almost another £100?!

Anyone who can help/make any recommendations?

Merrow Mon 23-Nov-15 10:51:55

Honestly, take a good look at the games available for the One – I didn't bother getting a second controller because there weren't any multiplayer options that seemed worth it! Having had a quick squint I see there's Rayman Legends, which I have for the 360 and is fun. Depending on the ages of your kids it may be that the Kinect-based games are more suitable, which would limit the need for the expensive controllers but mean that you would need to get a Kinect (I think around £45 at CEX?). And to be honest I'm not really one for shooters, so some fantastic multiplayer options from that genre might have passed me by. But my gut reaction is that if multiplayer is a big draw then the 360 is the better option in terms of the games available.

Or do what I actually did, and buy a cheap second hand wii for multiplayer options!

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