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Who buys a bloody i phone 6 for an 8 year old!!!

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EmmaT169 Sun 22-Nov-15 15:16:48

Seriously who does this kind of thing, throwing such expensive technology at children so young?..... Had a get together yesterday with a couple of friends and one of there work mates joined us (I'd never met her before) anyway the subject turned to Christmas and she tells us that she's buying her just turned 8 year old an I phone but not just your bog standard i phone or even and i phone 5 but an i phone 6! She said that she can't really afford it but she wants her children to be able to keep up with all their friends and to not feel left out surely that's kind of sad and rather ridiculous?......

PGTip Sun 22-Nov-15 15:45:01

Yes completely ridiculous! But for some parents it's important that their kids are 'cool' as it then makes them (in their own opinion) cool by association.

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