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favourite carol/ christmas music?

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buddhasbelly Sat 21-Nov-15 18:30:10

rather laptop bound as dd a bit ill so not moved much from the sofa but started playing christmas music as there are some pieces that I really love (but dont dare play before late November!)

I'm currently listening to "Carol of the Bells" (of Home Alone fame!)

Anyone else got any favourites?

ladybird69 Sat 21-Nov-15 19:50:57

mine are oh Holy night and fairytale of New York.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sat 21-Nov-15 19:55:35

The Coventry Carol, no question.

I love so much of it - 'Do they know it's Christmas?', 'In Dulci Jubilo', 'Fairytale of New York', 'Little Drummer Boy', 'Carol of the Bells', 'Gaudete' (either Steeleye Span or Medieval Babes) - I could go on and on.

I love the kitsch, the pop, the classical, the congregation carols - all of it.

lavendersun Sat 21-Nov-15 20:06:35

Gabriels Message and In the Bleak Midwinter here. Honestly everyone apart from me is sick of hearing them by December.

They are my favs on my phone from Kings and I have been playing them on the piano blush. Played for at least a week so far!!

RiverTam Sat 21-Nov-15 20:16:35

The Coventry Carol
The Sans Day Carol
In the Bleak Midwinter

Stay another day - East 17
All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey

RedKites Sat 21-Nov-15 20:29:15

Hely Hutchinson's Carol Symphony.

guffaux Sat 21-Nov-15 20:37:19

bach's christmas oratorio- just bought new cd and am trying to wait until december to play it smile (should really play it over Christmas proper but haven't got the willpower!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 21-Nov-15 20:38:19

Fairytale of New York (Pogues and Kirst not Ronan Keating)

Carol of the Bells

Stop the Cavalry (Jona Lewie)

Christmas Rapping (The Waitresses)

Little Drummer Boy (Bing and David NOT Little Jimmy Osmond shock ingly awful )

OublietteBravo Sat 21-Nov-15 20:40:46

Brightest and best of the sons of the morning.

We used to sing it at school. I hardly ever hear it these days - it must be out of fashion sad

Shizlack Sat 21-Nov-15 20:41:00

Children go where I send thee - only heard it 2 years ago and it's great fun to sing along to, I love Carol of the bells too.

LBOCS2 Sat 21-Nov-15 21:04:12

All I want for Chirstmas is you
Carol of the bells
Good King Wenceslas

I have eclectic tastes!

PingPongBat Sat 21-Nov-15 21:21:51

Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt (not Kylie or Buble (what was he thinking?))
Gaudete - Steeleye Span

Personent Hodie arr. Holst (sang it at school, makes my hair stand on end)
Oh Come All Ye Faithful (makes me cry)

Costacoffeeplease Sat 21-Nov-15 21:33:18

O Holy Night, O Come O Come Emanuel, Silver Bells, All I want for Christmas

TheWoollybacksWife Sat 21-Nov-15 21:42:37

Carol of the Bells - I remember it from the West Wing
Gaudete - Steeleye Span
Must be Santa - Bob Dylan
12 Days of Christmas - the Spinners (I saw them perform this live when I was in primary school and they were brilliant)

Once in Royal David's City - lovely at any time, but spine tingling when the first verse is sung as a solo
O Come All Ye Faithful
We Three Kings

I have a selection of Christmas music that goes on in the car on 1st December. My eldest DD's friends who are now in their 20's text her on the 1st to check its on as they remember it from the school run blush

Cheesecrumpets01 Sat 21-Nov-15 21:46:49

Is there a good album with all these songs on?

LibidinousSwine Sat 21-Nov-15 21:57:32

O little town of Bethlehem
Little donkey- when sung by small children

Must be Santa- Bob Dylan
One more sleep till Christmas- Kermit the frog
Fairytale of New York- the Pogues

Not keen on Away in a manger after hearing it at DS's carol service, about 45 minutes after the doctors call to say that DC2 was almost impossible fsad Still makes me cry 4 years later.

PennyPants Sun 22-Nov-15 00:47:06

Joy to the world
Fairytale of NY- Pogues
Last Christmas- Wham

DramaAlpaca Sun 22-Nov-15 00:53:09

Fairytale of New York - it's mine & DH's song and reminds us of when we got together

Lots of carols, especially Gabriel's Message and Oh Holy Night, and I adore Silent Night.

I've a couple of CDs of beautiful Christmassy classical music, but I can't remember the names of any of the pieces off the top of my head.

LeaLeander Sun 22-Nov-15 00:55:47

God Rest Ye Merry, gentlemen. So many great versions from classical to Randy Travis to Chicago. Love the REO Speedwagon rendition.

Masters in This Hall is a very rousing older carol.

Thank you OP for starting this thread!!!

RiverTam Sun 22-Nov-15 08:50:35

<whispers> oh come oh come Emmanuel isn't a Christmas Carol. It's only ever sung in Advent <slopes back to pedants corner> it is beautiful though.

RJnomore1 Sun 22-Nov-15 09:35:25

Oh Christmas tree

Santa baby grin

dementedma Sun 22-Nov-15 10:20:20

In the Bleak Midwinter
They said there's be snow this Christmas - not correct title but you know what I mean
Silent Night
Oh holy night
O little town of Bethlehem.

MummyPig24 Sun 22-Nov-15 12:40:15

Fairytale of New York is hands down my favourite Christmas song.

My favourite carol is probably We Three Kings.

callmekitten Sun 22-Nov-15 16:33:21

I love "O Holy Night" and "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel"

I have also heard a song version of the O. Henry story "The Gift of the Magi" (not the Joni Mitchel one) that makes me cry.

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