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Having loads of guests over Christmas and need help getting organised.

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alreadyshatteredwithXmas Sat 21-Nov-15 17:31:33

We will be having loads and loads of guests staying over this year during Christmas and I am getting a bit stressed out over it. I am going to be super busy and need some tips on being organised otherwise I know I am going to get annoyed if I don't get to have a break too.

I need some tips on food I can cook and freeze in advance and any other ideas for substantial but not massively time consuming meals. Since we are having different guests stay over they will all be expecting something half decent. I have insisted that we go out for one meal for each of the 3 different groups staying with us, but need to make an effort the other time.

Any ideas for catering for our family and 4 others staying at same time. Ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


happsymum Sat 21-Nov-15 17:47:17

Pancake breakfast worked amazingly at my friends with a huge bunch of ladies after a hen night and men when they wobbled in too. She had set out cut fruit, blackberries, bananas strawberries, Nutella , 3 diff jams, lemon cinnamon, sugar, cream, cinnamon- One of those things they help themselves then.

A meal idea with the same serve yourself ease on serving is fajitas - we love when entertaining! Simple but goes for all tastes as u make ur own.

Pasta baked would b handy too, easy and v filling and can make a lot! I catch my dd having leftovers for lunch when we have it

French bread sticks - with diff fillings prepared to put in with a salad.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Sat 21-Nov-15 17:51:54

Do 2 big meals a day would be my top tip. Brunch and then a late afternoon meal. Offer cheese/snacks/mince pies later in the evening if people are still hungry. Otherwise it feels like you never stop cooking.

Casseroles are good. Or perhaps lasagne.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sat 21-Nov-15 17:59:51

Freeze lasagna, slow cooker stew, lots of fresh bread, ham etc for lunch.
Slow cooker curry, gammon new pots, coldslaw, boiled eggs and salad.

Ningnang2000 Sun 22-Nov-15 10:43:05

A favorite of mine when catering for lots of people with different tastes are baked potatoes. Out them out with bowls of coleslaw (homemade looks impressive and dead easy), tuna mayo, grated cheese and any other left overs and a salad. Folk help themselves. If you wanted hot you could provide beans and a bowl of chilli.

Save yourself some hassle and order a couple of big steak pies from the butcher too. Shove some roasted potatoes in the oven and and some veg and bob's your uncle.

wickedwaterwitch Sun 22-Nov-15 10:51:14

I think you need to meal plan for each group really, how many groups are there? Are there special dietary requirements?

Breakfasts - get plenty of cereal, milk, pain au chocolate & croissants, tell people to help themselves or cook a load of sausages, bacon and toast and put it all on the table, get people to help themselves

LibidinousSwine Sun 22-Nov-15 11:31:41

Unless you have multiple bathrooms then breakfast needs to be a serve yourself affair. Otherwise it will be midday before everyone is assembled and ready to eat- this is the voice of experience hmm

So as PP's have suggested, a selection of naice cereals, a couple of fruit juices, bread/ crumpets and a toaster, selection of jams and spreads, large bowl of fruit and a selection of naice yogurts. Obviously copious amounts of tea and coffee as well wink

Freeze meals in advance for dinner. Lasagne, curries, chilli etc are all winners and can be padded out with salad, rice, crusty bread etc. Bought in puddings are a must.

Lunches are a similar affair. Crusty bread or JP's, various fillings, salad etc.

Keep a stack of nibbles, mince pies, cheese and fruit for in between meals and keep all guests mildly tipsy fwink

Littlemousewithcloggson Sun 22-Nov-15 11:50:11

Definitely serve yourself breakfast.
Mini cereal packs, fruit bowl, yoghurt in fridge and muesli bars.

Slow cookers - casserole, chilli etc put in all day ready for dinner with minimum work. For large numbers maybe invest in a second one

Ploughmans buffet with French stick, cheeses, pickles and salad is simple but tasty

Frozen lasagne (made or pre bought) with garlic bread

TryingtobePrepared Sun 22-Nov-15 14:49:53

Ask people to bring a course / dish cheese puds etc

travailtotravel Sun 22-Nov-15 14:57:51

Yes to freeze and being organised.

Beef bpurgignon pie. Make bourgignon in slow cooker. Freeze. When time cones just put pastry over the top. Shoce in oven. Everyone exclaims. Younbask in glory.

Just occasionally you will also want to shut the kitchen door for a break. You can pretend you've been slaving away firvhours when really ypuve been mumsnetting and sipping wine ....

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