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Best smartphone? And present for an 8 year old girl

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takeapictureframe Sat 21-Nov-15 07:22:53


Two questions really!

I'm NOT buying the smartphone for the 8 year old - she's the daughter of a good friend of mine and I don't know what girls this age like. I was thinking of a voucher but which shop?

Also, her mum is a very good friend of mine and money's been a bit tight. They've been an incredible emotional support to me, and I'd love to her her a new smartphone (hers stopped working) - I obviously don't want to spend loads on it as it would embarrass her probably. I would love to her her an iPhone as mine is an iPhone but my budget is around £100.

Can anyone help?

Thank you smile

Nearlyadoctor Sat 21-Nov-15 07:30:40

My DD 8 likes

Lush bath bombs / gift sets etc
Doh Vinci
Lego Elves
Any book token would be very gratefully recieved
Build a bear vouchers

wonderpants Sat 21-Nov-15 07:35:17

You can get a refurbished iPhone 4s with 12 months warranty on eBay for about £100.
The 4s (not the 4) has the latest iOS so shouldn't be obsolete for a few years!

Enjolrass Sat 21-Nov-15 07:36:27

We just got dd an iphone from CEX.

It was a 5s and 'A grade' so look new.

It was over £100 but they are bound to have some models that are cheaper. Or maybe not quite in such good condition. They come with a warranty too.

At 8 dd would have loved anything arty (pads, pencils, paints), lush sets, Amazon or book vouchers.

You sound lovely.

takeapictureframe Sat 21-Nov-15 07:46:37

Many thanks - I don't know CEX, what is this? smile

Enjolrass Sat 21-Nov-15 07:53:17

It's a shop where you can sell electrical stuff, DVDs, CDs etc.

Then they sell them on. Most high streets have them now.

We use it a lot. Especially for the kids. We never used the Xbox 360 and the kids wanted a PlayStation 2. So we sold the Xbox to CEX and then got an I store voucher and bought the PlayStation and some games.

We get most of our DVDs there two, then take them back and sell them back to them when we have watched them.

Dd wants a Nintendo ds for Christmas so we will get it there. You can get often get items in the box with all the instructions etc.

takeapictureframe Sat 21-Nov-15 07:54:32

Many thanks smile

Enjolrass Sat 21-Nov-15 07:54:43


This is their website. Not sure how to make it a click on the app confused

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