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Argos rant .........

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frazzledbutcalm Fri 20-Nov-15 23:06:44

They have their 3 for 2 offer on until Sunday. Only everything I want to order is out of stock at EVERY local store AND for home delivery! When they are in stock I can't reserve as their site crashes/freezes. I'm sure it's all a marketing ploy! angry

RumAppleGinger Fri 20-Nov-15 23:13:13

Yip, not a single item in the Lego ninjago range in any store within 100 miles of me. I call bullshit.

ijustwannadance Fri 20-Nov-15 23:15:53

Yep. And then the offer ends and they miraculously have everything in stock again.

dementedpixie Fri 20-Nov-15 23:16:05


AndNowItsSeven Fri 20-Nov-15 23:20:49

Run there is plenty of lego in stock where I live ( five stores) must be a regional thing.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 20-Nov-15 23:21:13


RebootYourEngine Fri 20-Nov-15 23:22:07

Of course it is a marketing ploy.

You go onto the website to look for something on offer. Its out of stock so they might suggest something else thats in stock but costs three times more than you were going to spend.

GloryHunter Fri 20-Nov-15 23:25:45

I ordered Duplo, Frozen singing Elsa and Playmobil for my granddaughter at 5.30pm this evening - free delivery at 7.45 pm same day 😀 That is what I call good service.

frazzledbutcalm Fri 20-Nov-15 23:41:08

All Lego and games I'm after are out of stock. Same last year.

DollyMcDolly Fri 20-Nov-15 23:49:04

I'm more shocked when they have the item. Not just this time of year, anytime. Don't know how they're still going

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