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Present help for some awkward to buy for people please

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WhenTheDragonsCame Fri 20-Nov-15 22:32:19

I have a few people I need to buy presents for but just can't think what to get!

DDad is nearly 70 and retired. He doesn't have a hobby and doesn't read. He does eat chocolate and drink hot chocolate but only it is is not too bitter. I have paid for their hotel room to visit over Christmas so I just want to get a little something for him to open.

DBro is 46 and a workaholic bachelor. He has helped me loads financially since I became a single parent with money gifts so I want to get him something to say thank you. I know he reads a lot and likes to watch films but I don't know what he already has. I don't want to give him money or a voucher as he has more money than I do so it seems a bit weird.

DNep1(9) loves learning and finding out new information. Reads a lot and likes to do research and creating PowerPoint presentations. I suggested a book to his DM but he is already getting loads.

DNep2(8) loves clothes and has started playing the guitar. Not so much into academics but does read a bit.

Thank you if you are able to help with any of these.

Brother = a lovely book journal, to log what he's read?

8 year old - funky guitar picks / those tiny bricks in the shape of an electric guitar - forget what they are called! / t-shirt with pic of a guitar on.

WhenTheDragonsCame Fri 20-Nov-15 23:01:21

He did talk a few years ago about writing a book. He hates his job so maybe a journal could encourage him to actually start a book?

I have just bought a t-shirt from Debenhams with guitars and headphones on. I didn't think about combining his two likes, thank you.


Want to help me with my awkward one?

HerbieRidesAgain Fri 20-Nov-15 23:06:38

DDad a chocolate hamper?

DBro, and possibly Dnep 19 magazine subscriptions? Or cinema subscription.

traviata Fri 20-Nov-15 23:42:08

DBro - the Booker Prize collection from the Book People, so he can pick and choose what he likes. Or a good modern poetry anthology like [[ this one]]

Nephews - look at the Phoenix comic - subscription if in your budget?

traviata Fri 20-Nov-15 23:43:51

oops I forgot to put anything in the brackets. This poetry book is great, even for people who think they don't like poems.

Ooh yes - a poetry anthology is a great idea.

9 year old = something like a build your own volcano kit, or make a potato clock or something? Or meccanno (sp?)? Or a Horrible Histories/Science DVD, if such things even exist?

WhenTheDragonsCame Sat 21-Nov-15 15:25:40

Remus what is your awkward one?

I should have said in the OP I tend to have a £15 limit on DNeps.

My awkward one is an 8 year old boy. £15 max. He has loads of toys already and isn't interested in clothes or books (my usual go-to). Am thinking maybe art stuff but it doesn't sound v exciting.

WhenTheDragonsCame Sat 21-Nov-15 15:57:26

You could go for something like this not craft related but it might be fun.

Somebody gave my girls something like that, years ago. I'm ashamed to say it went straight to the charity shop, unopened. I don't do creepy crawlies! smile Otherwise, a great idea!

LaughingHyena Sat 21-Nov-15 16:10:21

[[ Electronics kit]] for those 8 & 9 year olds

captainflash Sat 21-Nov-15 17:10:00

Are either of the awkward 8 year olds sporty? My son has just turned 9 and is football crazy. He'd love the new premier league ball, any amounts of Match Attax cards (especially one of the special tins or boxes), new shin pads, goalie gloves or a new kit bag.
Generic things he has on his list are Nerf guns and modifiers, Guinness Book of Records and Gamer's Edition, Star Wars Where's Wookie book, Sharpie pens, a fleecy sofa blanket or fleecy onesie, Minecraft mini plush teddies....
Another big hit has been some American candy. I made him up a nice bag (I loathe the word 'hamper') from Poundland.
I'd've given away a bug kit too Remus. Although he'd do anything for a tarantula as a pet. NOT HAPPENING EVER!

fabulousathome Sat 21-Nov-15 17:25:29

Dad - photo in frame of grandchild?
DBro - biography of famous actor/film director? New one so he won't have read it.
9 year old - cool mousemat and mouse?
Dneph - voucher to choose own clothes, v exciting at that age.

Thanks, Flash. I don't think he is v sporty though.

He does like Minecraft, whatever that is! Where do you get the teddies from?

captainflash Sat 21-Nov-15 18:16:48

My teddies were from Sainsbury's Remus. But they are everywhere- Tesco, Argos (currently 3 for 2), Smiths.
Alternatively there are lots of Minecraft books or clothes- but you've said not into that.
This could be a great bargain if in an Argos near you- my son would be very impressed to receive it.

WhenTheDragonsCame Sat 21-Nov-15 18:16:43

No my awkward 8 year old isn't sporty. He has swimming lessons but that's it I think.

My parents have loads of photos of golden child DD1 the grandkids and I don't think they have any more room!

The science kit looks good for the 9 year old, I will mention it to his DM. He will already be getting the Guinness book of records from his mum. I also thought of something like this for him.

Remus last year I got DD2 a butter fly keeper kit which she loved. She took them into school and released them with her friends. They are quite expensive though.

The biography for DBro is a good idea. Will see if there are any recent actor or footballer ones.

Thank you for suggestions.

whatnametopick Sat 21-Nov-15 19:43:16

Whittards flavoured hot choc gift set for dad?

Thanks, Flash.

No, no, no to creepy crawlies....

WhenTheDragonsCame Sat 21-Nov-15 23:27:25

Remus Have you seen the Wicked Uncle website? I got my DDs butterfly thing from there last year. There were loads of cool things.

Ouch44 Sun 22-Nov-15 00:19:33

I've got my difficult to buy for Dnephews crystal growing kits. My Ds also has one on the go at the moment. Can't link as my phone goes straight through to the Amazon app but just search amazin for it.
My DS has also plays with that electronics kit linked to above for years.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Sun 22-Nov-15 04:51:40

I got a full set of Minecraft plush figures on eBay and they were a fraction of the price they are in the shops here. They deliver from China/Hong Kong though, so you'd need to get a move on to have them here for Christmas.

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