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Xmas buffet

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PeachFuzzzz Thu 19-Nov-15 13:14:44

I live abroad and traditional xmas dinner, while possible, is extremely expensive to organise. I am on a super tight budget so have decided to do a child-friendly buffet. So far I am doing

Sausage rolls - put together to look like a wreath


Xmas veggie tree - broccoli etc laid out in tree shape

Chicken drumsticks with herbs and spices to make xmassy

Roast carrot sticks

Rice-ball snowmen

What else would you add? Or is that enough? Will do desserts too - maybe a trifle of sorts and a choc log. I want it to be xmassy for kids but cheap and fun.

momb Thu 19-Nov-15 13:17:18

looks lovely!
I may try a veggie tree myself: thinking croquembouche of sprouts......

PeachFuzzzz Thu 19-Nov-15 13:20:48

That would be amazing! Can't get sprouts here. I suspect dd would be grateful if she knew what they are!

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