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Please help me choose a charity gift for this little boy

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AccountantsDilemma Thu 19-Nov-15 08:41:20

Every year I donate a present to a local charity for a specific child who is unlikely to receive any/many Christmas presents. I am given very limited information about the child and this year I am stuck for ideas as to what to give.

This is all I know:

Boy, age 9 with a functioning age of 5, he likes computer games (but no mention as to what computer he has access to!).

I tend to spend no more than £20 to £30.

Can anyone help with ideas - I was thinking maybe a robot of some description (plus lots of batteries!)? But I don't know if that would be any good or which one to buy?

defineme Thu 19-Nov-15 08:50:35

Computer game themed stuff like a minecraft stuffed toy or hat? Something like bopit, or the mini bopit, which is simple portable and electronic?

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