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First festive meltdown - over an Asda cushion...

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MoriartyIsMyAngel Wed 18-Nov-15 22:20:02

Someone slap me.

I just missed out on the George Vintage Santa cushion while shopping for other things. It disappeared from my basket when I got to checkout. It was so nice too, see --->,default,pd.html?cgid=D26M01G01C05 We had a plastic cutout on the wall when I was a kid that was the exact same design, so I was really chuffed to see it.

I did manage to get a vintage deer one though, and some Christmas bathmats, and some Christmas bedding, etc, etc.

If anyone notices it come back into stock please do me a festive favour and send me a PM!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 18-Nov-15 22:33:51

On the "Similar items" they have a Pug in a Hat cushion.
(If you squint enough it could be similar fwink )

I'll have a look when I next go in (I'm still after a Christmas Jumper from The Asda)

MoriartyIsMyAngel Wed 18-Nov-15 22:40:02

My eyesight is bad 70 but not that bad - yet grin

We don't have a local Asda which is aggravating me right now (actually, it aggravates me in general, their duvet sets have been brilliant this year) but I'm already having to stalk Sainsbury's for a bloody Mog cat, so maybe that's enough! (But it isn't enough.)

cranberryx Wed 18-Nov-15 22:42:00

Not to give you false hope, but I had a cushion disappear from my basket earlier in the year and got really sad as it would have fit my living room perfectly.

Checked back in a few days and it was back online - might be worth checking in a few days.

MoriartyIsMyAngel Wed 18-Nov-15 22:49:51

Brilliant, I will commence online stalking tomorrow morning!

Talisin Wed 18-Nov-15 22:53:25

Returns are added back onto the website sometime between 6-6:45am usually (no, I haven't been stalking a particular jacket at all, why do you ask?)

MoriartyIsMyAngel Wed 18-Nov-15 23:00:11

That early... Well I'm off to bed now, I guess we'll see how much I really want it!

I hope you get your jacket Talisin smile

traviata Wed 18-Nov-15 23:12:31

any of these an adequate substitute? 25% off as well until midnight

MoriartyIsMyAngel Thu 19-Nov-15 10:38:29

I got my cushions, yes!! First Christmas shopping triumph of 2015! grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 19-Nov-15 18:27:04


All Comes To She Who Waits........

MoriartyIsMyAngel Thu 19-Nov-15 19:32:22

And I didn't eve n have to wait that long! wine

butlerbabies Thu 19-Nov-15 20:28:33

Any good OP?

Sorry about your cushion thanksbrew

OldGreyCat Thu 19-Nov-15 21:30:12

3 things just went from my basket as I was finding my purse! Grr.

Thanks for the tip re when returns arrive back on site.

Thudercatsrule Fri 20-Nov-15 08:32:17

It's back in stock this morning!

MoriartyIsMyAngel Fri 20-Nov-15 10:04:57

Yep, I got two! My friend thinks they are tacky. I would go with fun and iconic, but whatever - if you can't be a bit tacky at Christmas when can you be? santa

butlerbabies Fri 20-Nov-15 12:42:55

OP, Christmas is the most tackiest time of the yearrrr insert tune from it's the most wonderful time of the year

I don't think they're tacky anyway, just classical... And I like tacky blush

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