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Did anyone else's parents do this with presents at Christmas?

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TowerOfJoyless Wed 18-Nov-15 20:38:56

Every Christmas morning as a child my sister and I would wake up, go into the living room and find toys sitting out on the couch from santa and looking back, it really was quite magical and exciting.

Now call me thick, but it never dawned on me for a long time that we never received any gifts from relatives, including our own parents.

Years ago, I had a conversation with an aunt where I mentioned one of these gifts sitting on the couch to which she replied, "oh that was me who bought you that!". It then occurred to me that mum and dad had been collecting presents from everyone and passing them all off as coming from santa.

Is this quite unusual? Have to admit I have never heard of anyone else doing this before. With my own Ds I tend to have a few presents from santa and the rest from DH and I, plus he is also aware what comes from friends and family.

chocoLit Wed 18-Nov-15 20:40:29

Presents from Santa & family gifts from whoever have it.

If times were hard I don't see the harm though.

BobberClobber Wed 18-Nov-15 20:42:36

I think that's quite unusual! Sounds lovely as a child to have a huge pile of presents from Santa, but seems a shame for the relatives who get no acknowledgement or thanks.

Redglitter Wed 18-Nov-15 20:44:31

I've heard of people doing that. I'd be raging if my brother did that with the things I buy my nieces. I've always thought it was strange doing that for precisely the reason you've said - it sounds like no one else has bothered.

Tradition in our family has always been the 'big' present is from.Santa. The rest are from who ever bought them.

I remember my.pal at school got everything from Santa we decided she got extra to compensate for her family being so mean and buying nothing confused

This Santa Claus malarkey it's a minefield!

Wolfie2 Wed 18-Nov-15 20:47:16

My kids just get a stocking from Santa. The rest are from relatives/friends - which is great because my kids can then thanks the kind givers

timelytess Wed 18-Nov-15 20:50:06

Presents come from parents/family/friends. Santa is just the delivery guy.

WipsGlitter Wed 18-Nov-15 20:52:44

I think it depends if you get a lot from family. In our house now and when I was a child there was a huge pile from Santa but we only got one additional present from my aunt.

Now our kids get a big pile from Santa and to be fair a good few family presents. But they are handed over on the day.

ClareDeLune Wed 18-Nov-15 20:54:23

My parents did this but no other relatives bought me stuff. So everything was from Santa until I was old enough to realise santa didn't exist.

Haffdonga Wed 18-Nov-15 20:56:59

My kid ults get a stocking of little bits from santa and big presents from family.

But I know lots of families where everything comes from santa regardless of who was the giver.

Jucymyname Wed 18-Nov-15 21:06:38

I'm not from England and at home everything was from Santa. We celebrate Christmas Eve, have a family get together and a big meal and Santa brings presents after. I think it's easier that way. And more magical when he is in a hurry and leaves big sack full of presents for everybody on the doorstep santa

swooosh Wed 18-Nov-15 21:11:02

As far as I remember everything was there Christmas morning (we usually stayed at my grandparents house Christmas eve) so my parents presents and their presents were there along with presents from my auntie/uncle and great grandad. When seeing other grandparents they would be from them.

It was never said 'this is from Father Christmas, this is from mum and dad, this is from nan and granddad' etc.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Wed 18-Nov-15 21:12:32

Everything that was bought by parents was from Santa. I never thought about not getting anything from parents? All family gifts were from that person though

jelliebelly Wed 18-Nov-15 21:12:49

Sack of presents from Santa plus other presents with tags on from family/friends which got out under the tree as they arrived usually got opened later in the day after lunch. I never questioned why mum and dad didn't buy us anything!!

weeonion Wed 18-Nov-15 21:13:54

In our home, Santa brings a big pressie and a stocking of bits n bobs. There are some gifts from us parents. gifts from friends and family are labelled and the kids know who gave them what.

I have only know of 1 other family where everything came from Santa. When bringing pressies to them, we had to make sure there were no labels or gift tags which meant the parents also didn't know.
I was a bit hmm and disappointed that the kids didn't know that their relatives had got them anything.

ToddlerTantrums Wed 18-Nov-15 21:18:27

Santa presents go in the stocking, presents under the tree are from me
and Santa leaves the presents from other family members under theirs trees as he knows they like to see the kids open them.

Flomplet Wed 18-Nov-15 21:19:41

We had same as you - stocking from father christmas, other gifts from relatives. Our DC get gifts from us as well as from FC.

I did use to wonder why father christmas bought my friend the barbie house whereas I got mostly pants and toothbrushes from him.

turkeyboots Wed 18-Nov-15 21:23:14

My MiL does all gifts from Father Christmas. Even now which confuses the life out of her grandchildren as none of us do that!

APlaceOnTheCouch Wed 18-Nov-15 21:23:23

DH's family do this ie all presents from all relatives are from Santa.
In my family, presents from DF and DM were labeled from Santa. Presents from everyone else had their names on them. It never struck me as a DC that my parents never bought me a Christmas present.

LibrariesGaveUsP0wer Wed 18-Nov-15 21:23:46

Small presents in a stocking growing up and now.

I would feel it was really wrong to pass of presents from other family members from Santa. I expect my kids to thank and appreciate them, not see them as coming from a magic bottomless pit of largesse.

LibrariesGaveUsP0wer Wed 18-Nov-15 21:24:52

Off and as. Sorry for typos.

SerenityReynolds Wed 18-Nov-15 21:24:38

We got a stocking and one present from Santa. The rest were labelled from parents and family.

DinosaursRoar Wed 18-Nov-15 21:24:41

I've heard quite a few families doing that, but it does mean that children don't learn to say thank you for their gifts.

AGrinWithoutACat Wed 18-Nov-15 21:25:04

Santa brings a stocking with little toys, sweets etc

Gifts are from whoever choses to give one

We found it exciting seeing the presents start to arrive and go under the tree and were able to have a surreptitious shake to try and guess what it might be, now our DCs do it, I believe it is better that the gift comes from the giver and the DC thanks them directly

The DC also like making & giving gifts in return

Hiddlesnake Wed 18-Nov-15 21:26:47

Father Christmas leaves a stocking or sack at the end of the bed.
Gifts under the tree are from relatives & friends etc.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Wed 18-Nov-15 21:29:38

My sister gives me money to buy presents for my dc so what I buy goes in the pile from Santa. In our house all presents come from Santa but mummy and daddy (or aunty) have to pay for them, hence no individual present from us.

Other family members hand the dc presents when they see them so they know it's from gran or uncle etc.

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