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stocking fillers for dp????

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Noideatobehad Wed 18-Nov-15 18:25:13

soon to be dh, so would like something with husband on as we get married on 20th dec. he likes top gear, gaming and food

MelanieCheeks Wed 18-Nov-15 19:21:44

Orange or satsuma is a traditional stocking filler - Terrys Chocolate orange is a suitable contemporary alternative!

Nuts - can go for a pack of dry roasted, or some fancy gourmet version as wished.

A game - something silly. Tesco have a good range of acceptable candidates.

Something practical - facecloth, toothbrush, pack of tissues

A tacky Christmas decoration

StrawberrytallCake Wed 18-Nov-15 19:27:54

[ the spicery] send you spice boxes to make various dishes out of.

A top gear magazine subscription? Or a day racing somewhere?

Depends on which console he plays on for games? Gaming mag subscription?

HeyMicky Wed 18-Nov-15 19:31:28

DH is getting a satsuma and chocolate coins, like the DCs, then a bag of posh coffee, paper plane origami kit and a pork pie dolly

Noideatobehad Wed 18-Nov-15 19:40:20

he doesnt eat curry, or read magazines or drink coffee. he likes tea but only pg tips. isnt very adventurous with food

StrawberrytallCake Wed 18-Nov-15 19:44:12 said he likes food so what kind of food does he like?

And what gaming system does he have?

ImperialBlether Wed 18-Nov-15 19:46:21

Do people really put a toothbrush in a stocking? I have a drawer full of them and can't imagine my (adult) children's faces if I gave them one for Christmas.

Noideatobehad Wed 18-Nov-15 19:54:16

he likes cake and chocolate and meat. and yes, people really do put toothbrushes in stockings. i have got novelty ones for the children this year, a duck, a parrot and a bear for the younger ones

StrawberrytallCake Wed 18-Nov-15 20:05:14

cake slice club?

Noideatobehad Wed 18-Nov-15 20:26:50

very good, but for that price i would rather make him a cake every bloody week. £50 for a 2 month sub with one slice of cake every week shock

ImperialBlether Wed 18-Nov-15 20:37:47

I can understand novelty toothbrushes, just not ordinary ones.

NicoleWatterson Wed 18-Nov-15 20:41:30 has some fabulous ideas. I'm eyeing up the gps key finder

NicoleWatterson Wed 18-Nov-15 20:49:57

Ok just had a look in my present drawer.
DH is getting;
Wallet ninja (wilko £5)
1982 what car magazine featuring his first car (thanks eBay!)
Magnetic wrist band (idea being it holds nails whilst doing DIY)
Tin of magnetic balls (man kind)
Terry's chocolate orange
Plus some little game thing they I've not bought or found yet!

Flomplet Wed 18-Nov-15 23:30:40

janaus Wed 18-Nov-15 23:58:30

How lovely, what about a special Xmas Ornament, maybe with the year on, can add to the collection each year.

janaus Thu 19-Nov-15 00:03:04

Puzzles are great too, You know those wooden block things, that you fiddle with forever and seem impossible to get out. Or the metal type ones, like rings and loops.

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