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Heartwarming story

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Lurleene Wed 18-Nov-15 17:13:46

This happened a few minutes ago and I thought it was really sweet.

I have been selling a Laura Ashley item on Gumtree which was brand new with tags. Perfectly lovely, but I've never used it so I thought I would sell it on cheaply to make space. It was £30 new but I sold it for fiver.

Someone contacted me about buying it and we have been texting back and forth trying to arrange a time for her to come and collect it when I wasn't at work. Evenings seemed to be inconvenient for her.

She has just been round - she was a young teenage girl buying it for her Mum's Christmas present! She needed to collect it on her way home from school to avoid raising suspicion.

I feel all warm inside when I think of her trying hard to find something really nice for her Mum that she could afford and I bet her Mum will be really touched on Christmas day. santa

ALemonyPea Wed 18-Nov-15 17:15:33

Warms the cockles of my heart that does santa

Cocolepew Wed 18-Nov-15 17:15:48

Awwww sniffs

shutupanddance Wed 18-Nov-15 17:16:58

Awww so sweet. id be cross if my teen was going round strangers houses through the net

Lurleene Wed 18-Nov-15 17:21:58

I suppose you're right shutupanddance I hadn't thought of it like that. It was a doorstep transaction though, so technically she didn't come in.

shutupanddance Wed 18-Nov-15 17:53:11

Sorry for being Bahum bug. I have a teen dd.

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