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so you're a twentysomething....

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ItsaTenfromDen Wed 18-Nov-15 15:44:32

what are you wanting for Christmas?

I have two dd in their twenties, I am struggling to think of what to get. I have asked, but they aren't much use. smile

I've done their stockings, and the usual PJs, hair stuff etc but could do with some ideas


Zombiemama Wed 18-Nov-15 15:48:58

I'm edging my way out of my 20s but on my list is a new bottle of perfume river island purse or bag (or both!) A nice chunky warm scarf and the usual pyjamas fleecy socks slippers.

I always like getting a nice diary and pen, a dressy watch, would any of them like one of the new hair straightening brushes as opposed to straighteners. ?

ButtonMoon88 Wed 18-Nov-15 15:54:31

I'm 27 but I have a very boring calm life so these may not suit your DCs...

Make up and make up bag
Vouchers for favourite shop?

Are they interested in getting themselves pampered? I had a pedicure and manicure last Christmas and loved it!

I quite like getting things to do, Harry Potter Tour, champagne lunch, couple of spa treatments...

ItsaTenfromDen Wed 18-Nov-15 16:06:49

Thanks for the ideas

Perfume I've asked which they like as I find it hard to chose for someone else

Make up is in their stocking

Scarf, pjs, socks, I've already got

No idea what this straightening brush is, but I'll definitely be looking at that for myself

I am going to browse Groupon to see if there is anything suitable on there

Thanks again

notenoughbottle Wed 18-Nov-15 16:08:37

I'm just 30 but I think my likes, being a mum to three, might vary if they have a different lifestyle? I love bath stuff, make up I can't afford to buy myself (benefit), perfume, books, cookery stuff and days out type pressies would be amazing ( my mum bought me a holiday for my last gift!). HTH

swooosh Wed 18-Nov-15 16:10:42

I'm 27. I like/asked for:

personal training sessions
makeup - Benefit gift set from Boots
clothes - I'd like a bomber jacket and new gym clothes
Victoria's Secret knickers (usually on some kind of deal)
Bath stuff - I like Philosophy best but also love Lush gift sets. The Snow Fairy range is very popular and I love the butter bear bath bombs
Trainers - Converse, Adidas ZX Flux
Kitchen stuff - I need a new blender so a Nutribullet or decent equivalent and a waffle iron

Vouchers and money also greatly appreciated grin

Freezingwinter Wed 18-Nov-15 16:20:05

I'm 27. I'd like some new under wear from Primark, I always like nail varnish and makeup, body butter from the body shop, diffusers and candles for my house, a pedicure booked and paid for, I always like clothes too, nothing fancy just jumpers and cardigans from places like h and m. Hope that helps!

chelsbells Wed 18-Nov-15 16:31:43

I'm 25 and I've asked for a new watch from DH, some earrings, perfume, couple of DVDs and some Yankee candle melts and a burner for them! Then DM is getting me some new boots.

What about a spa day for the three of you? Groupon always have ones on offer!

UmbongoUnchained Wed 18-Nov-15 16:34:36

I'm 22 and I've just asked for cash!

TillITookAnArrowToTheKnee Wed 18-Nov-15 16:37:23

Im 29. (Also Mum of 3 and boring!)

Naice purse and hand bag.
Anything everything from LUSH.
Yankee Melts.
Gift voucher for my local hair/beauty salon.
Gig tickets.

paperdreams94 Wed 18-Nov-15 16:54:46

I'm 21. Haven't made a list yet, but off the top of my head would like:
More driving lessons (can't afford them at the minute!)
Theatre tickets
Denim jacket
Nike trainers
Nice duvet set
Nice make up bag
Stationary, diary and notebook
Adult colouring book and pencils

Wouldn't expect all of this but just some ideas.

StormyBlue Wed 18-Nov-15 17:02:16

I'm 23.

Versace perfume
Clothes voucher
Naice candle/s
Naice hot drinks from Whittard or similar
Running trainers

That's all the generic stuff on my list!

I would not like a 'straightening brush', because my hair looks like unruly pubes unless I kill it with hellfire powered straightening irons.

QforCucumber Wed 18-Nov-15 17:02:49

At 28 I've asked for
Some ted baker earrings I spotted online a few weeks ago
A river island handbag
Posh bath stuff
Nice pj's
Cloud 9 straightner's (I have a feeling these are my bday present next week)
Gucci bamboo perfume
Basically the stuff I can't justify spending money on for myself but would like to have smile

ComeInBaldrick Wed 18-Nov-15 19:33:04

I'm 25, I'd like:

The Urban Decay Naked palettes that I haven't got
Nike trainers
A decent camera with a flip screen
Babyliss big hair
Mac lipsticks

StellaAlpina Wed 18-Nov-15 19:35:50

Are they living at home or in their own homes?
I'm 27 and really want a nice rug for the sitting room blush

I like getting tickets to things - e.g. ballet, concerts etc.
Nice handbag
Amazon voucher to buy ebooks

JacobFryesTopHatLackey Wed 18-Nov-15 19:47:01

I'm 26 and have two Dses under 4. But I'm of the more geeky persuasion

I'd like
Star wars battlefront for ps4
Harley Quinn Converse
The next issue of Ms Marvel
The anniversary reissue of Sandman
Some nice artwork from posteritty
Lush bathbombs (I'm a fan of butterball too but my absolute favourite was flying fox)
Some fleecy socks and new pyjamas (I saw some Harry Potter ones in primark)
Tickets to see my favourite comedian
A new netbook

The last two are if someone feels really generous

LucyMouse Wed 18-Nov-15 20:01:43

I'm 25 and I have asked for a Boots No7 light up mirror, slippers, PJs, make up, a new purse, something from Cath Kidson, wellies, make up and books. Also cash for when this baby makes an appearance and I can wear normal clothes again smile

toddlerwrangling Wed 18-Nov-15 20:43:11

Have a look at somewhere like the Oliver Bonas website, Cox and Cox or Not on the High Street for small gifts, jewellery and homewares - I loved things like that as a twentysomething! (wouldn't mind them now tbh but I have a house full of toddler toys so wouldn't fit anything more in.... grin )

In my twenties I liked pretty earrings; trinkets like candleholders and jewellery boxes (the clear acrylic ones from Muji are great and not too expensive); cosmetics bags; books; music (Amazon or iTunes vouchers); nice homewares like espresso cups and martini glasses; things to make interesting cocktails; clothes...

Nowadays I just want a voucher for a massage and some sleep blush

MummySparkle Wed 18-Nov-15 22:52:24

I'm 25. My Christmas list consists of:

A set of oil paints
Wellies (muck boots)
Cath kidston penguin pjs
A necklace
And some normal, everyday socks

I would also appreciate anything from catch kidston, fat face vouchers and a massage and maybe some more books to read.

I'm not particularly exciting!

Whatthequack Fri 20-Nov-15 16:47:31

I'm 25.
Here are some of the items I'd like

Amazon voucher
A neutral make up palette (MAC or Urban decay)
Nars Laguna bronzer
Bobbi brown shimmer palette
Black Chelsea boots with a high heel
Reece's peanut butter cups
A new gym filter water bottle
Hair baubles (nude ones that match hair colour)
OPI Nail varnish
ASOS Voucher (I'm not sure if they do them)
Tiny bonsai tree
Baking books

MARGUERITE18 Fri 20-Nov-15 17:13:01

DD asked for disney collectables, tarte and bare minerals cosmetics, stuff from lush, lush perfume, pans, slowcooker, bakeware, coffee maker, dvds

MARGUERITE18 Fri 20-Nov-15 17:14:03

Have a look at the festive edition Tarte marajuca oil on QVC smile

MARGUERITE18 Fri 20-Nov-15 17:14:53

oo and candles, birchbox subscriptions, chocolate and pjs

99percentchocolate Fri 20-Nov-15 17:17:59

28 - nice candles, something to "do" eg trip somewhere, afternoon tea, etc. Bag, perfume.
I think I may be getting old because top of my wish list this year is original art work by my favourite artist.

recklessgran Fri 20-Nov-15 18:51:13

Five DD's all in their 20's and early 30's. I do them each a stocking with some expensive things like perfume, Benefit/Mac make-up,a cineworld gift box and cheaper bits like candles, socks from accessorize,a new mug,chocolate spoon from Whittards,their favourite sweets etc.They love it and it is easier for me than trying to think of a "big" present! I tailor the stockings to their personalities-one very girly,one sporty,one geeky,one arty and one hippy type. I have a lot of fun with it.
DH gives them cash and they like that too.

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