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Christmas picture book

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HoggleHoggle Wed 18-Nov-15 12:16:00

Does anyone have any recommendations for a book which explains the basics of Christmas - ie Father Christmas, Rudolph etc. It's for my 2 year old, am trying to explain the concept of Christmas but would love to read about it with him too. Thank you!

00100001 Wed 18-Nov-15 16:03:29

The bible. grin

AbeSaidYes Wed 18-Nov-15 16:36:14

We have a really good one - i think it's this one in it fatehr christmas wraps the presents, makes cookies for the journey and looks after his reindeer and then goes to deliver presents. It has flaps to lift and bits to turn.

or a good version of 'the night before Christmas' like this

INeedACheeseSlicer Wed 18-Nov-15 17:00:26

I have seen one called "Santa's coming to <name of place>" and I think it mentions lots of local places.
Not sure how many different versions are available - I think the one I saw was Santa's coming to Guildford or Surrey or something like that. The one I saw wasn't where we live so I just skimmed it, but I thought it was a good idea, and the pictures were nice.

HoggleHoggle Wed 18-Nov-15 17:57:49

Thanks so much all they look v good although may give the bible a miss for now 001 ... wink

ineed my local Smiths have those 'Santa is coming to' books but I assumed they would be crap for some reason. I'll have a look, thanks.

kiwidreamer Wed 18-Nov-15 18:21:07

The bible might be a bit heavy going for a toddler but id recommend going to Home Bargains and having a look in their kids book section for around £3 you'll get the nativity story of Christmas and also Father Christmas orientated stories... If you are going to celebrate Christmas then he should at least know the origins of the celebration even if you are not Christian (we aren't either by the way but I feel its important to understand the origins of a festival like Xmas)

AbeSaidYes Wed 18-Nov-15 22:10:28

Aren't the origins pagan or is that a myth? My son won't be told about the whole Jesus thing.

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