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So..........when do you start the boring but essential stuff (the tidying and organising?)

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 17-Nov-15 23:32:40

Don't want to peak too soon but I don't want to be flapping about on the 18th thinking "I should've done this weeeeeks ago fshock )

I know where everyone is sleeping, I have enough bedding/towels/duvets (though I need more pillows and I haven't bought my Christmas fleeces yet)

I'll pick a day per room (though I'm busy every weekend till Christmas so it'll be on my days 'off' ). Plan to declutter first to ease the cleaning process.

Shopping: I'll write my list/lists
Presents: I'm onto it she lied
Christmas Cake - fruit is soaking so I'll cook on Friday.
The Pudding over the weekend.

I need to do a massive M&S and Lakeland shop

Then I don't think I'll be shopping after mid Dec except the food shop.

My DS (16) is too old to go out to do Christmassy things fsad and DD wants to go Up Larndan to go to Oxford St and food.

<<Gives Self A Shake>>

CantSee4Looking Wed 18-Nov-15 04:31:34

Normally we start now as we spring clean for christmas, including cleaning the carpets with all the furniture out. A proper serious deep clean.

This year we won't be able to start that until at least 1st December due to building work and it is a 3 week job to do properly. <panics>
The idea of Christmas without the proper clean is absolutely horrifying. It is a generational tradition.

Otoh I have written the present list of what to get, sorted half of the list already. And in the process of writing up the christmas card list/christmas letter (well lets be honest it's more of a nice picture of ds for the relatives who don't see him much) Need to sort out the Christmas baking shopping list, and no idea when the baking will occur.

Should probably check on the posting deadlines soon, and ask ds if he is writing cards this year. I do have cards already so just need to fish them out of storage. Not sure about wrapping paper though.

We will don't do christmasy things, aspie ds. But we do tend to drive through some towns that have some very pretty lights up so I can get a christmasy fix.

LibidinousSwine Wed 18-Nov-15 07:57:11

I'm always envious of people who are "finished by December"- in my case a tidy house would be undone in a week so there's no way I could be done by the end of November hmm

OTOH, I am about sorted for presents (everything sat in various shopping baskets, just waiting for payday) have cards and paper and we are away at my DP's this year so not so much pressure on food buying or deep cleaning the house.

In fact I'm recovering from my works party off today so may write cards and check DCats vaccinations are up to date for Cat Prison. That way I shall feel I've been productive without paining my head too much fgrin

CiderwithBuda Wed 18-Nov-15 13:28:51

My head is spinning at the moment with trying to figure it all out!

Mainly as we are having some decorating done including opening up a fireplace to install a gas stove. That happens next week. Have furniture being delivered - two weeks earlier than expected. Furniture to get rid of. My sis arrives end of the week for a few days shopping. Following week is painting and some wallpapering. Final furniture delivery will be Monday 8 th I think.

DS is 14 and has no idea what he wants.

It's DH's birthday next week to and he is impossible to buy for.

And we have a houseful staying for Xmas. Sis, BIL, niece and my dad arrive late 23rd. MIL is coming to - she told me this morning she wants to come on 20th! Which is fine. Just a couple of days earlier than I expected! She wants to do some Xmas shopping here rather than have to carry it all on the train.

I have lists of all the house stuff but am feeling not in control on the Xmas stuff.

I'm sure it will all be fine!

OSETmum Wed 18-Nov-15 14:42:37

We've recently moved and I seem to be obsessively keeping on top of the cleaning so far, so there's no need for a big clean ( not that I've ever done one tbh!!).

I have loads of lists, but haven't started any food shopping.

Decorations will be bought and put up on the 5th as we're having all new for the new house.

Present shopping is well under way.

No one likes Christmas cake (except me) so I'll just buy a small one (and eat it all!) so any other baking will be done on Christmas Eve.

SymphonyofShadows Wed 18-Nov-15 15:05:53

I've decluttered the DC's rooms and the main living area. We are going to paint the living area before Christmas, starting this weekend, so hopefully that will be finished by the end of the month.

Then it's on to the conservatory, which is full of DP & DS1's fishing gear. It needs a good clear out as it houses the overflow wine fridge and the table that is used as sort of nibbles and sweets holding area. It also has a recliner that can sleep an unexpected guest at a push.

MrsPear Wed 18-Nov-15 22:03:16

well I was going to go through the stuff I have bought this week but ds1 is on/off school so it has gone out of the window. I am pushing it to next Tuesday - when fingers crossed - they should both be at school. Then I can make my final shopping list and my final shopping trip next Friday. The following week I will do the wrapping again when both at school and pull out the decorations as it will be the first that week?!

OohMrDarcy Wed 18-Nov-15 22:07:04

I'm starting this weekend with a massive declutter and clean (not going to be my most fun weekend!)

This is so I can get the decorations etc out next weekend (28 / 29th) - not to go up immediately but start sorting them etc. I like to try and have the house properly cleaned before then otherwise its a pain.

REALLY need to buy some cards soon too - I hate card writing, with a passion!

SymphonyofShadows Thu 19-Nov-15 07:55:58

I'm doing the mn paint product test and the wall I need to paint is looking at me. I'm at home today so if I get my butt in gear I may at least do the prep and take the 'before' pic.

BiddyPop Thu 19-Nov-15 10:00:40

I am so far behind myself this year!!

I normally start in August and get a room done each week. So do a proper "spring clean" of the whole house across the autumn.

This year, I lost 6 weeks, and have barely managed to keep on top of "normal" housework. I've run out of "spare days" annual leave, so can't take any time off - not even a day to do nothing (much needed!). And we had a delay in fitting wardrobes (long awaited but finally ordered in August for late Sept delivery, company had 2 week delay then we had to delay for 4 weeks, and now the doors for 1 room of 2 have gone "missing" (i.e. pinched for another house) so are reordered and hopefully will be delivered and hung next week). So that has put me back too. And I've been put on an interview board, starting tomorrow, for 3 weeks - so I will be exhausted, brain dead, and having to work around different commute and not able to shop at lunches right when I normally peak at such shopping!!

The bathroom was done well in September. I made DH hoover behind the bed when we pulled things around for wardrobe guys yesterday. But, um, well, ......

The one good thing is that we are not staying here for Christmas itself, after all so don't have to make it presentable until after we get back. And I will be able to manage that, I think....

But I do need to think about some event to host my family when they are up for other events. And a different event to normal for neighbours, who have been really good to us this year, and we owe them a good few nights, and need to host for the newest neighbours to join in, and won't be around for our usual "at home" on Boxing Day. So thinking hat needs to go on again there too.....

And I need to buy and start writing cards - I actually thought I might not have to this year, but DH has decided we still should (and of course, is never the scribe for these!). Overseas posting deadlines are coming up soon!

KinkyDorito Thu 19-Nov-15 15:21:09

Started the huge declutter this week - it helps to combat the twitch of wanting to buy more when I'm trying to wade through everything DCs already have.

Most shopping done, waiting for pay day to finish last few bits.

Have bought all my cards, just need to write them all. Also want to try and wrap gifts next week.

Cake made last week, due a massive amaretto feed on Friday.

Decorations used to be 1st, but might wait until the weekend this year.

NarcyCow Thu 19-Nov-15 19:48:59

I've done my present shopping, I'm just waiting for it all to arrive now. DH assembled the kids' bikes and put them back in the attic so that's off the list. One of these days I'll pop up to the attic, sort the pressies, and start bringing them down in batches to wrap in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed.

6 cakes are made and busily soaking up brandy. I've got my gingerbread stuffing, buttered toast bread sauce and sticky port gravy in the freezer (made the gravy this evening!).

At the weekend I'm making pear and chestnut stuffing, persian spiced cranberry and clementine relish, profiteroles and creme patissiere for my christmas tree croquembouche.

I'll clean the house the weekend of the 28th and 29th, put up the non-tree decorations the following weekend, the tree the weekend after that and ice the cakes on the 19th.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 22-Nov-15 16:17:05

Bought some things off my list over the weekend.
Going through the freezer (the kitchen one and the big freezer in the garage)

Need to clear out the pantry and list what I have so I'm not in Sainsburys thinking "Oh, I need pickled beetroot" and there are four jars in the pantry.......

Baked the cake too <<relief>>

NewLife4Me Sun 22-Nov-15 16:23:10

I started in August, just a couple of things a week.
We are hoping to downsize next year though, so needed a good sort out.

I have sorted and checked decorations, bought more.
Majority bought and wrapped presents.
Done cards, ready to post with stamps on.
Tidied things away and made space for christmas stuff.
Kitchen tidied and xmas cupboard ready to go.
Washed all tea towels, table linen.
Sorted bedrooms, tidied cleaned/ shampooed carpets
taken dd xmas shopping
none perishable food shopping and xmas extras
Made 2 xmas cakes.

ElasticPants Sun 22-Nov-15 20:58:44

I started present shopping in September. There are a lot of people to buy for, buying a handful of things each week and wrapping as I go makes it manageable. All gifts are sorted into various bags according to where they need to go. I have PiL left to buy for and a few bits in the post arriving this week.

I'm having a clear out and reorganising cupboards. Today I filled two black sacks of junk from dd2s room.

We are getting the tree on Dec 1st, so I'm venturing into the garage this week to find the decorations.

I've added most of the Christmas food onto my delivery slot coming on the 23rd.

It's not worth my while deep cleaning until the 23rd as the animals that are my dh and DC will spoil it anyway.

Savagebeauty Sun 22-Nov-15 21:03:25

There's only me and the dcs and no visitors at all..but I have cleaned and decluttered every room this weekend.
Presents and cards bought.
Champagne bought.
I finish work on 4 the Dec till 8 the Jan so my trips into London will be avoiding the shops and just enjoying lunches, drinks and galleries.
I only cook on 25th, so no need for a huge food trip.

Sorted grin

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