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Samsung galaxy tablet or kindle fire HD?

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Heaveniswaiting Tue 17-Nov-15 14:56:41

Which one is better please? And can you FaceTime from either of them? Sorry, I'm really not technical!

LimboNovember Tue 17-Nov-15 14:58:27

dh would say samsung is better because your free to use any apps and stuff you want. with kindle your more tied to their stuff.

I would go for samsung.

I have been looking into all this for dc, for older dc am getting samsung so she is more free to get downloads and stuff.

younger is getting fire, as doesnt need as much freedom.

raracleopatra Tue 17-Nov-15 14:58:53

The apps on Amazon are extremely limited compared to google, no idea about facetime sorry.

GeekyQueen Tue 17-Nov-15 15:35:21

FaceTime is Apple's version of Skype as is only available on Apple products. You can use Skype however on both Samsung and Kindle Fire. Although do double check the kindle you are looking at has a front facing camera as I seem to remember some models not having one, I might be wrong.

Who is the tablet for? I've bought my DS the new budget kindle fire as I like the profiles you can set up so I can limit what he can access at set times. Plus it was only £25 from tesco using clubcard boost.

DH has a Samsung and as above its much less restrictive on apps.

dementedpixie Tue 17-Nov-15 15:41:12

My 2 have samsung tablets so have access to lots of apps from the play store

Heaveniswaiting Tue 17-Nov-15 15:47:10

Thanks for the replies, it's for my 13 year old dd. She has an apple phone and likes to surf and FaceTime her friends.

dementedpixie Tue 17-Nov-15 16:13:11

Would need an ipad for facetime. Samsung has Skype instead

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