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Advent calender's for older kids

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Enkopkaffetak Sun 15-Nov-15 22:16:18

I have been considering getting some " bigger" advent calender's for my 12 14 16 and 18 year old (well almost) 14 is a boy the other 3 girls

I am thinking up to £20 each Wondered about the Bomb cosmetics advent calender for the girls or perhaps cosmetic..

No clue for my son

Any ideas for both of them? I think they have lost the magic a bit and I would like to add a little to it again. (request from them this year was " can we just have lindt calenders as they taste the best)

Titsywoo Sun 15-Nov-15 22:22:10

I just bought dd a smiggle one. Not sure if that would work for teens but I don't see why not.

Enkopkaffetak Sun 15-Nov-15 22:28:42

Smiggle is not the done thing for mine (But perhaps I should send my Goddaughter one she would adore it) but I just found Tinc does one so I may up my money by £5 and get that one.... I know dd3 would love it but less sure about dd1 and 2

MARGUERITE18 Sun 15-Nov-15 23:21:48

Tanya Burr, Bomb Cosmetics, Claires, Star wars lego, Topshop (jewelry one), Smart Jewel?

Enkopkaffetak Sun 15-Nov-15 23:26:00

Ok the girls are sorted I think nailvarnish and soap/makeup for them will work.. However ds is harder. (though I may buy the photo one for DH from not on the highstreet)

Littlemousewithcloggson Sun 15-Nov-15 23:26:02

I am doing an advent tree. Small 3ft tree in their bedroom with 24 packages on. Some days just a chocolate decoration/Lindt reindeer etc and some days a small present - toys/lip balm etc. Feels more special and will be totally empty and ready to put down by 25th!

goingmadinthecountry Mon 16-Nov-15 00:20:33

Dd3 has bought dd1 (20 next week) a Sephora calendar for her birthday, dd3 has Tanya Burr 12 days of Christmas one she'll open every other day and dd1 (nearly 21) and ds (19 today) have chosen white chocolate ones from Hotel Chocolat. We also have an advent house bought years ago from JL - a bit of a tradition now, but all away by Christmas like littlemouse's tree. The dcs who are not at university etc will open various things stuffed in its windows every day.

Heavenscent86 Mon 16-Nov-15 07:28:28

What are these smiggle calendars I keep hearing about?

MARGUERITE18 Mon 16-Nov-15 10:10:24

@heavenscent Smiggle is a tween type stationary brand, the calendar has highlighters, erasers etc. Also The Works do a 'Scribblicious' one which is very similar

Donge13 Mon 16-Nov-15 14:59:18

House of Fraser make up advent calendar is £ is very good

lovelyupnorth Mon 16-Nov-15 16:43:01

how about one of these we've had a couple over the last year.

frazzledbutcalm Mon 16-Nov-15 17:17:59

Thanks to this thread I've just ordered the Bomb advent calender for my 16 year old dd, thank you! My 10 yo ds and 12 yo dd both have Lego advent calendars.

OP .. there was a beer advent calendar on groupon but it was £35 iirc.

BreakfastLunchPasta Mon 16-Nov-15 20:15:46

Can you link to the HoF one please? I can't find it sad

Donge13 Mon 16-Nov-15 20:24:49

Just had a look and its sold out! I have just ordered this for my niece

Donge13 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:31:51$ja=tsid:77520%7Ccid:294763865%7Cagid:20988266345%7Ctid:kwd-169344823985%7Ccrid:85425384665%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:9980000738809467546%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o2&gclid=CMmIte7hlckCFULjGwodslsBew

Enkopkaffetak Mon 16-Nov-15 22:27:11

After a LOT of research...

I have gone with a TinC (stationary) for dd3
W7 (Make up ) for dd2
tea for DD1

and for DS Igave up only thing I could find I liked was a German cola one.. So I have decided to get him 24 mini cans and string them up somehow just got to get 24 different drinks (and he is way to young for mixers I think)

I am also going to make a photo one for DH (inspired by Not on the high street)

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