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Anyone else making posh crackers this year?

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happyjustobeme Sun 15-Nov-15 13:39:45

Every year, I put together my own crackers. They are part of everyone's christmas gift, even though they're on the table, and I like to make them luxurious.

So I'm looking for new ideas. Happy to spend up to £10 per cracker.

Last year, I did a 50 ml molton brown shower gel, lottery scratch card, small hotel chocolat nano bar, hat and joke in each.

HuevosRancheros Sun 15-Nov-15 14:05:16

I'm thinking of doing them again this year, as we are having in-laws again - last year did wind-up reindeer pre-made crackers, and they were pretty rubbish sad

No proper ideas yet, but last time I put a packet of seeds in each cracker - veg that the kids would be exited to grow, a water lily for FiL, a posh coriander for mil and giant sunflowers for DH.

I did handcream for mil, a whisky miniature for me, a novelty beer bottle opener for FiL, a Firestone for DH and finger monsters for DC (then 5 & 3)

gingercat12 Sun 15-Nov-15 14:12:26

Mine will not be posh, as only DS cares, but I got him some trashies/crashlings/sealings or whatever they are called from the poundshop.

Handcremes are a superb idea. Thanks. I have so many spare posh hand cremes. Maybe we'll make some for MIL.

Mini Baileys or Amaretto etc.

YY to handcream.

Thin scarf folded up small.

Earrings - Accessorize do lovely sterling silver ones for less than a tenner.

Those little wire/wood puzzles.


Lipbalm / nail varnish

Ear phones


For kids? Also for children, Waterstones had tiny bags of gems.

I like the seeds idea.

LBOCS2 Sun 15-Nov-15 14:28:41

I did them last year and they went down really well. I did nice keyrings appropriate to peoples' interests, some drinks miniatures, Yankee candle minis, urban decay eyeshadows, and minifigures for the kids (Minecraft or MLP).

HuevosRancheros Sun 15-Nov-15 14:46:18

Oh yes, I'm thinking of Lego mini-figures for the kids this year smile

notenoughbottle Sun 15-Nov-15 16:53:32

So far I've bought mini bath bombs for myself, mum and sister, a coca cola pen for dad and just have four children to buy for. Where are you getting the crackers from? Not sure I'm crafty enough to make mind from scratch!

Barbeasty Sun 15-Nov-15 17:20:52

Glamour magazine has Clinique makeup in at the moments, so mascara, lipstick or moisturiser for £2.

Any vouchers that you can print out or which come on paper can be rolled up to fit. We're spending more than £10 on 3 of us and putting theatre tickets in.

You can roll a pair of socks up to fit and I've just managed to get cigars in before (they can be a bit long).

I buy the crackers from John Lewis, but you can get them in a few places.

HuevosRancheros Sun 15-Nov-15 18:03:19

I've got them from hobbycraft before, but they seem a little more widely available now, Amazon maybe?

gingercat12 Mon 16-Nov-15 14:42:42

Oxfam sells diy crackers.

happyjustobeme Mon 16-Nov-15 19:13:40

Thanks all. You've reminded me that I have Estée Lauder gift with purchase mini mascaras that I won't use, so they will be good. Hand creams too.

I buy the crackers every year already assembled on the Go Crackers website, so that is my first port of call.

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