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White wrapping paper

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swooosh Sun 15-Nov-15 12:15:13

I've searched high and low for plain white wrapping paper. Paperchase have some but it is a little pearlised and also expensive.

Has anyone seen any? [sgrin]

Tuiles Sun 15-Nov-15 12:18:17

Umm, can you not look for rolls of drawing paper - find them in craft & stationery sections?

BertieBotts Sun 15-Nov-15 12:18:31

The problem is, if it's cheap it tends to be semi transparent when it's white. At least I found that when I had one roll which was white with pictures of Santa on one year.

What about going to a craft shop and just buying a huge sketch pad in A3 or A2 size?

Boredofthinkingofnewnames Sun 15-Nov-15 12:21:58

I've used rolls of drawing paper before

swooosh Sun 15-Nov-15 12:22:51

Didn't think of craft paper. That could work, not sure how it would be with wrapping though. Might have to forget my pinterest white and red vision grin

Bimblywibble Sun 15-Nov-15 12:40:18

IME white wrapping paper tends to show things through anyway, so I don't think rolls of drawing paper would be any worse. You could try wrapping with coloured tissue paper underneath - something like blue or yellow. Avoid red - I suspect it would give the white a hint of "one red sock in the white wash"

ChippyMinton Sun 15-Nov-15 14:52:16

What about lining paper (wall paper)? Most is off white but I saw some bright white recently in Homebase or B&Q.

BertieBotts Sun 15-Nov-15 16:14:30

Just swap it around? Buy plain red and use white ribbon?

Or parcel wrapping brown paper looks lovely if you're going for a minimalist kind of look.

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