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Any belly dancers here? What do you want for Christmas?

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ElphabaTheGreen Sun 15-Nov-15 10:07:19

My best friend is a semi-professional belly-dancer and teacher. She also lives in Australia and I'm in the UK, so I'm after a Christmas present along the lines of something like an online voucher to a really nice belly dancing costume shop or similar but I don't know where to even start looking and don't want to spend loads on a voucher to somewhere really naff.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance! smile

MrsMolesworth Sun 15-Nov-15 22:10:52

Belly dancers love large square or triangular tasselled scarves to tie round their hips. They are very light to post so you could send her a couple of those.

hefzi Tue 17-Nov-15 00:07:04

You could also try jingly anklets/bracelets - they should be light to post, and you can never have too many jingles! (I was going to suggest a weighted hip belt that I would love, but I think you'd need a mortgage to post it to Oz :-D)

ElphabaTheGreen Wed 18-Nov-15 20:53:05

OK, thanks! I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Does anyone know if this place is any good?


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